Annalise write songs about what they know, about what they feel and about how they live (or would like to live). In their songs you gleam a sense of what it is like to grow up and live in an urban city in England. And as it turns out, it's not that different from growing up in any other city in the world whether it be Tokyo, New York, Sydney or even Halifax! That's why their music translates to a larger audience. Their songs deal with simple issues and even simpler emotions: boredom, self loathing, hatred, love, desperation, the futility of living and all of those other emotions you and I feel at least ten times a day everyday. They don't waste time pontificating, politicising or even procrastinating. They just rip open their hearts and let the blood flow where it will. Some songs may seem naive, some pessimistic and some desperate, if so then fuck it because that's the way life sometimes is. It's not always picture perfect and peachy keen, it's real. Their portrayal of love is likewise. At once gentle and sensetive, it then blows up in your face like the powder keg it is and leaves you lying on the ground, your life in pieces around you...
kYMF liner notes

9/15/09 This is officially the official Annalise website now! So there needs to be some updates done here obviously... I'll be releasing a solo project of Ed's on my label sometime early next year too. And on some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

9/11/06 I just started up the related bands page... Shocking! I know! It's basically just information from Scumville right now so we'll see what happens when I ask the guys for more details.

8/31/06 I got a couple of better Snuffy Smile album scans from Naohiko.

8/21/06 Forget The Girl is on my latest playlist now.

8/8/06 Turning Japannalise is finally finished and ready for "bootleg"! For those of you that don't know that was a Japanese tour EP that was supposed to be released by an Australian label back in 2000. The cd was pressed but never paid for so somewhere in Australia there's a warehouse with a box of Annalise cds still waiting for collection. The band was never really happy with the finished product anyway. Live performances are sometimes alot more fun than technically proficient. But being the great guys they are Ed was happy to make the songs available for download when I asked earlier this year. I even got to make artwork for it! And add an extra song to the end that's from a vinyl only Japanese tour split that's long out of print now to make the package that much more special. So get to downloading, print out the artwork, and enjoy some of Exeter's finest!

8/7/06 Dave Goodchild sent me an Annalise video he found that was filmed on their Aussie tour. And remarkably I managed to get it on youtube with my dialup! You can watch it here. I heard from Ed today too. I got the ok for the Turning Japannalise artwork I made so that will be up for download within a few days time. And he told me he has a new blog. Check out Generating Steam Heat.

7/9/06 Johnny D started up a new videozine called Anti-Dote. There's clips of Frankie Stubbs and Annalise from the Newest Industry alldayer last year. Check it out!

6/9/06 I figured out how to make a smaller image work with my hover swap java so the Malaysian version of Our Story Goes Like This is on the discog page now. I finished typing up some lyrics too. Got the limited edition reissue of Versus Everything and the Gunmoll split from No Idea about a week ago! Too bad my record player is busted...and that my phone got cut off! I also typed up most of the notes from You Can Dye Your Hair... (above) and tweaked the design here a little bit again. Things are coming along nicely now! I suppose I should mention Kid Who Felt A Fake is on my playlist too even though it's already on the mp3s page here.

5/14/06 After playing around with the design for three MONTHS here I think I'm finally happy with it! There's all new gifs now including the header since the original one was taken from No Idea's press stuff. The compilations page is pretty much done. Surprisingly I found track lists for most everything online! Noticed I missed one of the comps that has a previously unreleased track too so that's on the discog now. And I got a scan of the Malaysian Our Story cassette from Joe Kidd along with a few good questions for my upcoming interview with Ed. But I haven't quite figured out how to make a cassette cover work with my fancy hover java thing there. If anyone can fill in some gaps on the comps page don't be shy! Some lyrics and interviews are coming up soon... Oh I almost forgot that Ed put a new song up on their myspace tuesday. This update was supposed to have been up over three days ago but my power got cut off!!!

5/5/06 This isn't exactly news since the first three EPs are already up here but I put 100% on my latest playlist. Ed told me a few days ago that there's a few songs that didn't make the cut for their upcoming anthology on No Idea too so there's going to be some extra goodies for you here!

4/18/06 Time Capsule from the new album is on my latest playlist here. There's going to be some new rareties here soonidge too. I talked Ed into letting me host the Turning Japannalise songs since that EP will probably never see an official release! I'm also going to make a cover for it so you can all make your own "bootleg" cd. I'm sure there's more to talk about but I'm drawing a blank at the moment...

3/28/06 I was sitting here while downloading the other day and I thought "I want to build a new website...". Then I realized I hadn't even finished THIS one yet! Just had to laugh at myself then... So I finally built the discog page here. Some of the images are poor but I'm on the lookout for better ones. There's a few information gaps there too but they have a way of getting filled in quickly. I'm starting on the compilations page next.'ll notice the design is a little different here now too. I'm not quite sure I like it yet so there's still no header gifs on the pages.

3/14/06 As some of you have known for a while now...I've been working on an Annalise fansite. But as it often goes my first idea for the design looked total shit when I put it together! Such is the way of things... This particular project became something special once I told Ed what I was planning though. He asked if I would host a bunch of Out Of Print and near impossible to find early Annalise material! I was more than happy to of course... Since that just arrived in the mail I figured there was no point in waiting to hammer out a design and putting together content before making the mp3s available for download. So here it is! You can download all of You Can Dye Your Hair... ...But Not Your Heart (which is a compilation of their first two EPs, Fettered and Always 18, and a track that was only available on a Snuffy Smile compilation that the band doesn't want up at the moment) and Something's Got To Give. Plus there's links to all the other Annalise mp3s I could find online.