a few words from Ed...
With No Idea due to reissue our first two albums on one CD as 'Annalise, Exeter, England', it got us thinking about the three out of print EP's we released prior to our debut album and ways to make those songs available again. With John planning his Annalise site it seemed a good time to do something with these early songs; so thanks to his enthusiasm here they are.

Like any band that has been together for any length of time, we'd like to think our sound has progressed over the years. We really found our feet and 'got good' on our debut album 'Our Story Goes Like This'. These early EP's capture us trying hard to get to that point. There's some songs here that we still like and play and some songs that we can't believe we ever wrote, but if you've got this far, hopefully you'll find something to enjoy...

xxx Annalise.

You Can Dye Your Hair... ...But Not Your Heart cd kYMF (Canada) 1997
tracks 1-6 from Always 18 mcd Pigdog (UK) 1997
tracks 7-10 from Fettered EP cd Out of Order (UK)/Snuffy Smile (Japan) 1995

1. Always 18 (3.03mb) 2. Another Bad Day (5.90mb) 3. Downward Curve (3.62mb)
4. Disappear From View (3.84mb) 5. Kid Who Felt A Fake (3.88mb) 6. Short Straw Wins (5.53mb)
7. A God in Conversation (3.86mb) 8. 100% (4.30mb) 9. DIE (4.59mb) 10. Take A Big Fall (5.37mb)

Something's Got To Give mcd Pigdog (UK) 1998
1. England Eats It's Young (3.90mb) 2. Millenium Breakdown (4.92mb) 3. Something's Got To Give (2.39mb)
4. Revolution Food (4.99mb) 5. Games People Play (4.19mb) 6. Gone (5.05mb)

Turning Japannalise ep Unsane Asylum (USA) 2006
1. Everyone's An Idiot (Except For You And Me) (6.30mb) 2. Everybody Wants To Be A Star (live) (4.36mb)
3. Signposts And Alleyways (live) (4.32mb) 4. Best Years Of Your Life (live) (4.30mb)
5. Disappear From View (live) (3.75mb) 6. Song Of Dawn (live) (2.99mb)
7. Hit The Bottle (live) (5.19mb) 8. The Time Is Now (2.51mb)
cover art - tray card

Her Head's On Fire (Dag Nasty tribute) - Fall (1.76mb)

Our Story Goes Like This - Signposts & Alleyways (2.54mb)

Versus Everything - Y'fuckinfreak (2.98mb)

Here's To Hope - Here's To Hope (3.94mb)