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Another lame survey!

1) Using your Current Initials, choose a different name for yourself:
Just Maybe Stupid

2) If you were born outside of your era, when would you want to be born and why?
This is gonna be a tough survey… I almost said about 15 years earlier to experience Punk Rock from the beginning. But the 80’s SUCKED!!!! So I dunno… The future is too scary to think about.

3) If you ran a store, what would you sell/have?
Records! Duh!

4) What part in a movie would you love to play?

5) In your opinion, why do people suck?
Because most people have their heads firmly planted up their own asses. They’re egotistical, self-centered, greedy, completely lacking compassion, and myopic to the point of being legally blind. I don’t like most people.

6) If you had your own state, what would you put on your new quarter?
hmm…joy. Ha! Make an engraving of that!

7) What’s the oldest article of clothing you own?
Something like a Dead Kennedy’s shirt or my leather jacket.

8) What piece of furniture have you replaced the most?
Spindle of cds…what the fuck kind of question is that?!

9) What instrument do you wish you could be more than great at?
Guitar. I really wish I had musical ability.

10) Record, Tape or CD?
Records and cds. Tapes are fucking lame!!! But I listen to my digital jukebox more than anything now.

11) What do you think would be the best concert ever?
It will happen next year when I go to the UK.

12) What is the best part of your favorite movie(s)?
Like I said last time I’m not a movie buff. uhh…the part where shit blows up. Who cares movies are lame anymore.

13) What do you think is the most over-rated candy ever?
Candy corn. It tastes like fucking wax!

14) If you were writing out your will, who would you give your CD collection to?
Probably Angela because she would appreciate it.

15) If you could only debate two topics the rest of your life, what would they be?
Why melodic hardcore is the best thing ever. Why did we only choose two topics now I want to shoot myself!

16) Out of your friends, who would you say you are most jealous of, artistically?
Huh?! As far as I know I’m not jealous of any of my friends.

17) Most jealous of….intellectually?
Bah! Fuck jealousy.

18) What do you collect?
Rare and heart-breakingly good music.

19) What is broken that you have, that you wish was fixed?
My life. Hah! Yet I’m more together as a person than I’ve ever been. Have I mentioned that I love irony?

20) What do you do when you’re home sick?
I don’t get sick that often.

22) Story behind your username?
It’s my domain name. I bought it after that sham of an election back in November. Because we live in 1984 now!!! And I had to put x’s around it because a bunch of lamers bought all the good variations and AREN’T EVEN USING THEM!!!!

23) Current Favorite Article of Clothing?
My tighty whitey underwear. Fuck, I don’t know…haha!

24) Line from the last thing you wrote for someone?
I do love irony… “Quit wasting all your time on here myspace isn’t real life! Hahaha!!”

25) A famous person you have met?
uhhhhhh…..that I’ve actually talked to? I don’t think anyone applies. Maybe one of my cousins that was on Star Trek: The Next Generation a few times as an extra or something. I thought it was cool!

26) Favorite way to waste time?
Myspace just might be the answer to that.

27) Last thing you bought yourself?
A crazy rare Snuffy Smile compilation 7″.

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