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Quinnie loves to hate!

quinnie the poop’s hate survey. Be honest and expect retribution. if you chicken out on any questions go fuck yourself.

1. Which member of your family do you hate the most and why?
Dude why don’t you start with an easy one! I hate my dad because he’s a total cunt that doesn’t show me the least bit of respect.

2. What person in your life do you hate the most and why?
Does Bush count? Do I need to explain?!

3. Name 5 bands you hate so much you’d rather die than listen to them again.
Just turn on mtv for an hour. That should do it!!

4. Name someone you don’t even know, but hate, and tell us why you hate them.
See question 2.

5. Of your favorite bands, which of their songs or albums do you hate the most and why?
Descendents, Cool To Be You off the new album. It was the first song I heard from the new stuff. IT’S THE ONLY DESCENDENTS SONG I’VE EVER HATED!!!! And it scared the fucking shit out of me making me think that shitty ALL b-side reject was what all the new material sounded like!

6. Name a phrase or a word that someone says, that makes you cringe with hate everytime you hear it: state why you hate it as well:
Soooo easy! NUCULAR!!!! IT’S NOT EVEN A WORD!!!!!! I want to choke someone (at best) every time it’s said. Even the hottest girl alive, Morgan Webb, is guilty of using that “word”! How I hope she was just being ironic or something…

7. What movie do you hate the most and why?
Most movies are a steaming pile of shit anymore. I dunno…Titanic? I’ve never even seen it but I know it’s terrible.

8 What tv show do you hate the most and why?
Fox News as a whole! They’ve brainwashed half of america with their doublethink!

9. What historical figure do you hate the most and why?
heh…I can answer way too many of these with George W Bush!

10. What author do you hate the most and why?
hmm…this will be a geek answer. Diane Carey. Worst. Scifi. Writer. Ever.

11. What do you hate the most about yourself and why?
I’m not all about the self-hatred anymore. I look to the good things!

12. Have you ever hated someone or something so much you wanted to kill or hurt it? Name the who what and why…
See questions 2, 4, 6, and 9.

13. Whats the worst vacation you ever took?
That would REQUIRE a vacation first!

14. What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you?
That would have to be from that evil bitch five years ago. She disembowled me, ripped my heart out, stomped on it, and then wished me luck as if that could save face for her! What a fucking cunt!!!!!

15. What were the worst years of your life?
Two to Twenty-Two.

16. Have you ever been in a relationship or friendship with someone you hated?
Before or after?

17. What do your friends like to do that you hate the most?
I have a higher class of friends now!

18. Who do you hate most and why? politicians, cops or clergy?
See number 12. And “clergy” pretty much applies to that also!

19. Ever done something you hated to do to get someones attention or acceptance?
I don’t think so.

20. What’s yer biggest pet peeve and why??
We covered that on question 6! Come on Davey! Give me some harder ones!! Hahaha!!!

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