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Brought to you by x1984x

1. What’s the funniest thing someone has said to you lately?
I was talking to a cute girl about music. I said “I love exposing people to music they otherwise would have never heard of.” and she said “yeah and i love being exposed… wait that didnt sound right…”! How we laughed!!! Maybe I should have said “punniest”?

2. What’s the funniest thing you said to someone else lately?
hmm…I’m getting stumped on my own questions…hahaha!!! I’ve cracked myself up with a few of my comments lately. I often do! I’d guess the birthday card I sent to Marilyn earlier this week would be it.

3. What word(s) should you never say again?
A week or so ago I kept saying “methinks” for some reason. Who am I, Shakespeare?!

4. What are your pet peeves?
Yeah quinnie asked this in his hate survey but I thought of it first damnit! People that say “NUCULAR”! Aaaaaaargh!!! IT’S NOT A WORD!!!!

5. Which is worse? Liars or raging egotists?
Lying requires a pretty big ego to start with.

6. What is your favorite and most hated movie?
Evil Dead rocks. Pearl Harbor is SHIT! HA ha!

7. What bands are you listening to the most at the moment (this question never gets old!)?
Descendents, The Last, Shatterhand, Turtlehead, The Police (FIRST ALBUM! They’re pretty much crap after that!), Alice Cooper, The Avengers…

8. How many of them have topped your favorites list for more than a year? How long?
The Descendents are my oldest favorite! Somethig like 10 or 11 years I’ve been into them. The Last it was around 1998 I guess. Their records were near impossible to find before the internet! Alice Cooper since about 1997. The Avengers I only discovered about a year ago. Shatterhand and Turtlehead I’ve only known for a matter of months…

9. How old do you feel? How old are you really?!
I feel more like a teenager now than I EVER did when I was one! I’m pushing 30 now. It’s a little surreal…

10. Ever had a complete nervous breakdown?
Dude…I went completely fucking INSANE about 6 years ago! And I don’t mean “Ha Ha Funny” insane. I’m much better now.

11. Do you let every little thing stress you out?
Used to…fuck that. I’ve got better things to do now!

12. Do you have a sleeping disorder?
Sometimes. I fight that shit off whenever it happens. Too many people I know have one!!!

13. Do you know who you really are?
I’m getting there!

14. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I used to be EXTREMELY introverted!!! I’d guess I’m 25% intro, 75% extro now…

15. What is your deepest, darkest secret?
hahaha…as if anyone will answer this one honestly!

16. What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?
ons- funny, smart, clever, cute, good taste in music, someone that likes me back…
offs- self-centered, liars, people incapable of admitting they’re wrong or think they’re hot shit…

17. Are you a vegetarian?
No! And that seems to be the big trend now! I won’t eat anything that didn’t have a soul…

18. On a scale of 1 to 10 how sarcastic are you?

19. When did you realize you were a woman in a man’s body? Or the other way around…
When I started asking Louis for questions! Or when I first heard the Descendents…

20. How sick of surveys are you?
So sick that I made my own!!! Brought to you by x1984x.

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