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x1984x - Numero Dos: Muchos Taquitos

1. What’s the best compliment you’ve recieved lately?
Caroline: ur proper weird

2. What’s the funniest forum post you’ve seen lately?
bandit999 posted a Suicide Girls dvd on punk torrents. I died laughing!

3. Best quote from IM or email lately?
Several…first in releation to number 2…
louis: Haha. I’m getting it!
me: hahahaha
me: hope you’re a good one hand typer
louis: I have my days.
Then something random…
brandon: I think maybe your losing it
And this was just a funny opener…
betty: MEOW?
me: hahahahaha
betty: my computer had a nervous breakdown

4. What is your nickname or names and how did you get them?
I have several. I’m known as shipyards and x1984x because of my websites, obviously! Monk Dave started calling me “insane john” a few months ago. This should come as no surprise if you’ve talked to me for more than five seconds! And most recently caggy started calling me “trouble”. That’s my favorite!!!

5. Any strange dreams lately?
A few weeks ago I dreamed I was in the kitchen. My mom was on the computer or cooking or something. I thought to myself “Hey, I need to pee!”. So what did I do? Well, I walked up to the garbage can and started peeing in it!!! And a few seconds in I said to myself “Why am I peeing in the garbage can?!” but then just said fuck it and finished my business! Yeah…it made me laugh when I woke up!

6. Do you know what Coulrophobia is? Don’t cheat!
Obviously since I asked the question! And Angela knows now too. She was curled up in the corner rocking back and forth drooling after I learned her that one! Haaaaahahaha!!!

7. Do people get your complexities?
Not very many at all. It seems knowing people that know or understand someone well enough to throw seemingly mean comments at often without getting insulted is rare. I’m so very sarcastic. We’ve gone over this many, many times before. But, you know…

8. Describe yourself in one word?

9. What did you discover as your hidden talent?
Building websites. Seriously! I was practically computerphobic before I started on my first fansite. Who knew?

10. What is the best way you relieve stress?
Probably the html. But that’s not working so well at the moment… :(

11. What are your favorite tv shows and why?
X-Play, if you don’t know who Morgan Webb is then what a sad and empty existence you must suffer!! The Daily Show, best news show on tv. Attack Of The Show, geek news…yeah! Conan O’Brien, duh huh! Damn that cartoon with him and Jim Gaffigan was funny! There’s lots more but there’s no need to talk tv all day long. I miss satellite tv…

12. What was the first band to change your life? The most recent band? If you don’t get this question then I pity you.
The Descendents are the first. They go pretty much without saying. It’s the fucking DESCENDENTS!!! Looking back that’s the first “melodic hardcore” band I heard. Bikeage… Most recent is Shatterhand. Those lyrics man…

13. Are you or have you ever been in a band?
Sort of… I played bass for a “band” in my 11th grade high school talent show. We were so excited about it that we didn’t even come up with a name for ourselves! They asked “so what are you called” and we said “whatever”…oh the lethargy. But they put that on the poster! Haha!!! And the ultimate irony of that is we would have won the contest if they wouldn’t have changed the rule so that “everyone wins” that year. We played Rockin In The Free World. Like they say…whatever… Then I started a “band” called The Geeks back in 1997 where I “played” guitar. I learned some of the other two guys old songs and it was fun for like a week. Then the singer started writing new songs about molesting girls and shit like that. I lost interest quickly then…

14. Are you a fashion victim?
Fashion is suicide! That sounds like a quote… It’s the first thing that popped into my head.

15. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
I worked in a toxic waste dump for a year. It doesn’t get much worse than that!!!

16. How sincere are you (as the yang to my first survey’s ying)?

17. Who was the last person to disappoint you?
Joanne. Severely.

18. What’s the quickest way to piss you off?
Insult my intelligence or question my integrity. I laugh at myself alot so I can hangle people picking on me. But those two are a defo no no! And acting like a child.

19. Is George W. Bush the anti-christ?
I’ve been saying that for SIX YEARS now!!! People used to laugh at me and give me wierd stares for saying that. How much proof do you damn people need????

20. How often will these surveys come? Do you even care?
About once a week until I run out of ideas of my own or run out of other people’s questions to plagarize!

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