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We shall achieve ALL!

which one do u prefer more?

lollipops or gum?
umm…maybe if you didn’t call it a “lollipop”?

america or brittain?
I hope you’re american with that spelling!! I want to visit the UK but I woldn’t want to live there. I like sunshine too much!!!

strawberries or bananas?
Fuck yeah stawberries!

spiderman or batman?
We had some great cartoons in the 90’s… :(

rocks or stones?

may or october?
May is my birthday… Hah! I don’t know then!

17 or 92?
“I think she’s seventeen, let’s me in then hides from me”

scared or humiliated?
umm…just how scared or humiliated??

bunny or rabbit?
Bunny Rabbit!

tan or burgandy?
I’m tanned…

tropical or temperate?
Temperate…tropical would be way too hot.

rabid dog or rabid raccoon?
Depends on who’s dog.

vamps or werewolves?
Vampires! Buffy comes on in just over an hour actually…

insomniac or nocturnal?
Nocturnal…sometimes insomniac.

have you ever…

jumped off a house?
On purpose??? These are some wierd questions!

swam in freezing ice water?
I sink like a stone with lead weights tied to it.

been attacked?
By? Physically?

been made fun of?
It’s good for the ego innit?!

cried for no reason?

been out of the country?
Someday, somehow, someway…

thought about death?
Everyone does. Might I add funerals suck.

gotten seriously injured?
Toooo many times!

gotten bit by someone?

screamed bloody murder?
Oh fucking HELL YES!!! It’s the only way to save my sanity sometimes!

been to a concert?
Yeah. Used to go to lots….

eaten snow?
Sure, but I avoid the more colorful types.

killed anyone?
Sooooo close…

hurt somone psychially?
Yeah. Look above!

made someone cry?
One of my best friends a week ago… I felt like such an asshole!

played with matches?
Recovered pyromaniac.

been on a plane?
So they say…

been to jail?
Entirely too close for my comfort.

laughed so hard it hurt?
Last weekend!!!!!

read a book?
If anyone answers no to this one….. :|

tasted blood?
Why certainly!

cried yourself to sleep?
I doubt it…

physically hurt yourself on purpose?

gotten revenge?
Revenge is a dish best served cold… It’s very cold… In SPAAAAACE!!!

broken a promise?
Surely. But it’s been many many years since.

been to church?
Yes. But only for funerals now.

hidden a part of your personality from the world?

blown a bubble (from your gum) while underwater?

ran into a pole?
Vertical or horizontal??

been extremely bored?
Oh sweet jeebus yes!

played chess with a stranger?
I’m sure I suck at chess.

made a wild concoction and ate it?
I quit doing drugs years ago…hahaha!

had a sad dream and woke up crying?
No, but I had a sad dream just yesterday and woke myself up making a hurt puppy noise.

lost a soul you loved?
Are you TRYING to depress me now?!

fell out of a tree?
I was too retardedly awkward to climb much. heh…this leads back to the serious injury queston!

lied about your age?
That’s teh lame.

been food poisoned?
I believe so, yes.

gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel?
What are you on dude??

when’s the last time you…

got kicked or slapped?

talked on the phone?
Friday to Betty.

played a sport?
Sports are lame.

gone to camp?

stayed home sick?
That would require school or a job, right?

baked a cake?

sang aloud?
Jean Is Dead…probably. Like right before starting this.

listened to music?
Right now! Allroy’s Revenge!!!

seen the snow?
The last time it snowed in Tennessee.

got in a fight?
Verbally… uhh…not too long ago.

video taped?
Again with the kinky questions!

saw a friend?
Do dogs count?

went in a hottub?
Damn…like 10 years at least!

head banged?
Now you’re making me feel old!!!

got a headache?
Right now…thanks for reminding me, asshole!!

tripped or fell?

got hurt?
In what way?

ate Froot Loops?

When Venus said she loves me just now.

When I posted a comment on her profile.

flicked someone off?
heh…my mom a few months ago!

swore out loud?
A matter of minutes I’m sure!

do you like…


The drumogre is on this very moment.

That’s twice you spelled it wrong. RETARD!!!


Well, I would be very shrivled and dead without it…eh?

Fuck no. Yet I’m incredibly patient! Define: Paradox.

telling people off?
Certainly. When they deserve it.



Sometimes…that also depends.


night time?

just answer the questions…

what was the last book you’ve read?

what was the last movie you watched?
uhh…all the way through? uhh…a Bruce Lee movie?

whens the last time you sang jingle bells?
Like, never.

what kind of music do you listen to?
I’m punk as fuck!

if you got to be the age you are in any year what year would it be?
I don’t particularly want to be 28 yet.

whats your name?
That’s a secret!!!!

do you like marshmellows?
uhh…who the hell wrote this one?

whats something that pisses you off?
This question. Hah!

whats your pet peeve about yourself?
hmm…ok, you got me. I’m Walter Mitty.

how do you spell doughnuts/donuts?

do you have a cat?

how many more days until school starts?
I live the school or rock.

where are you?
Sitting in front of my computer. Where the hell do you think I am???

do you have any current cuts or bruises?

whens the last time you went to the beach?
Fuck…uhh… You suck!!!

who’s the last friend you saw?
Again, do dogs count? Like 2 seconds ago.

what was your first favourite band?
Def Leppard…make me feel shame now too? You fucking asshole!!!

are you chewing gum right now?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh the IRONY that Bubble Gum is playing this VERY second!!!!!!

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