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Here’s my drunken “pre-interview” with Driveway Speeding…. Might have a bit of a “you had to be there” thing going on but it cracked me up!

Jeb: John, how you
Jeb: we drunk
x1984x: hahahahahahaha
x1984x: nice picture too (his msn icon)
Jeb: prob not a good time for intervire
x1984x: i’m not quite ready yet anyway
Jeb: Bad spelling
x1984x: was the gig good?
Jeb: I don’t understand
x1984x: i only have about 10 questions so far
Jeb: Ten makes a good interview surely?
x1984x: been listening to driveway speeding, hooton, and ohno express most of the day to get my head ready
Jeb: We’ll do it next weekend
x1984x: i ask lots of questions..haha
Jeb: Benny?
x1984x: umm….benny?
Jeb: Bad joke
x1984x: hahaha…i guess so!
Jeb: Prob doesn’t work over MSN
x1984x: or it went over my head
Jeb: Yes
x1984x: hahahaha
Jeb: LOL
x1984x: damn you are drunk…haha
Jeb: How do you know?
Jeb: Yeah, we are
x1984x: because you told me 5 minutes ago
x1984x: haha
Jeb: Ha
x1984x: i kind of wish i was ready now
x1984x: this would have been HILARIOUS!!!!
Jeb: It would be a terrible interview
x1984x: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
x1984x: BUT FUNNY!!!!
Jeb: Yeah
x1984x: whew
x1984x: light headed now
Jeb: Dude, time to quit I guess. Sorry if you’re up and wanting to do interview
x1984x: it’s cool
x1984x: it’s not even 9pm yet here too
Jeb: What time you going out
x1984x: HAH!
x1984x: i don’t even have a car
x1984x: and my dogs are BEGGING to get fed
Jeb: Feed the fuckers
x1984x: yeah
x1984x: they won’t leave me alone
x1984x: they might try to eat ME soon!
Jeb: I say goodbye to you
x1984x: haha
x1984x: later man
x1984x: interview next week for sure!
Jeb: jim and Tim say goodbye too
x1984x: bye to jim and tim
Jeb: Nob off Benny
x1984x: hahaha…i am so lost…
Jeb: Bad English humour
Jeb: We all say bye
x1984x: later

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