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The french fries at the A&W taste a little strange…

1. first off why are you taking this survey?
So in-fucking-credibly bored!

2. who is the most entertaining person on your myspace list?
hmm…that’s a really tough question now. A few weeks ago and this would have been simple… Toss up between Betty, Kali, and Venus.

3. how many ppl do you talk to on your list on a daily basis?
Five or six.

4. why is your number 1 person in your top eight your number 1?
She’s my e-wife. Does that sound creepy? Do I care?!

5. do you speed?
No I quit doing drugs.

6. what kind of car do you drive?
A Robin Reliant… That’s the wierdest car I could think of…

7. how do you make your money?
Selling my soul.

8. what kind of animal are you?
A bear.

9. whats your sign? is it accurate?
Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory.

10. if you could be anything, what would it be?

11. how do you feel about the person that posted this?
Betty rocks.

12. are you on aim?

13. whats your favorite online activity?
Coloring! Oh…online. See 12 I guess…

14. would you have sex with the person who posted this?
She be married!

15. are you a good speller?
I have my days.

16. whats foreplay?
The part before sex.

17. whats sex?
The part after foreplay.

18. what are you doing right now?
Listening to the Dead Kennedys.

19. why arent you out having fun instead?
Because I’m lame.

20. was this survey any substitution?
Let go of me motherfucker! I wanna live by my rules!!!

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