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When you go to your page, who are the current 10 people who have commented?? (If someone has commented 2 times or more, skip over them to the next person)

From top to bottom:

1. Caroline
2. Betty
3. Jared
4. Jon
5. Kali
6. Venus
7. Andi
8. Marilyn
9. Emily
10. Julie

Have you ever been in a relationship with No. 3?
umm…he’s a dude! Perhaps if you call it a business relationship since I write for his zine!

Describe 7 in one word.
hmm…I’m just getting to know Andi. Open?

What’s the best memory you have of No. 2?
man…these are some tough questions! Betty makes me smile alot. She’s meaner than a sack of wet cats sometimes… But she loves me. Such a unique relationship…

How did you meet No. 10?
She’s a big Dead Kennedys fan. I had the In God We Trust, Inc. cover up when she added me. Julie is…special.

When was the last time you saw No. 1?
She lives in Ferryhill! Hasn’t happened yet.

How do you feel about No. 8?
Quite possibly the best friend I’ve ever had.

What was No. 4’s comment about?
It was pretty much a porno ad…hahahaha!!!

What do you like about No. 5?
She’s so much sweeter than you think.

Have you met No. 9’s family?
No!!! Crazy Emily’s family sounds almost as bad as mine!

Did you comment back No. 3?
Nope… I’m not into “camping”…

What color looks best on No. 7?
Black since that’s what she has on in all her pictures. Hah!

Is No. 2 on your “Top 8″?
Not only is she in my top 8 but she’s my number one!

Is No. 8 in a relationship? If so, with who?
Yes she is… With her first love.

What song reminds you of No. 10?
Such a hard question! Oh! Police Truck or California Uber Alles.

What would you change about No. 6?
I’d make Venus get a riot grrl haircut so bums will quit hitting on her!

Does No. 5 tell you juicy secrets? Do you keep them?
She tells me lots of things. And I’m the best at secrets.

Tell us something wonderful about No. 8.
Razor sharp wit.

Does No. 9 make you laugh?
Emily is so wonderfully random!!! I miss her…

Name one great quality about No. 4.
Jon’s a funny guy!

Is there anyone who has commented you that you don’t want to comment you anymore?
Not really. People who comment me are usually really funny.

Anyone you wish would leave you a comment?
eh…I’m not gonna beg. If they got something to say then they’ll say it!

Which is better: Comments, Messages, Friend Requests, Picture Comments, or Blog Comments?
Again most of my comments make me laugh alot. I love those. But I have some great conversations here sometimes. It’s a tossup. I get some funny blog and picture comments too but those aren’t as often. I deny most friend requests!

Which of the 10 people who have currently commented you do you think leaves the best comments?
Marilyn will always be the best. Always.

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