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My Best Friend

i think my head will explode
my throat is full of glass
my worst nightmare just came true
the cancer started 6 months ago
she did nothing to help
i knew what was happening
she murdered you with criminal neglect
that fucking bitch
i had to watch you wither away
for two long weeks
away to nothing
i’m so sorry i couldn’t help
how you begged me to help
i begged you not to go
you trusted us
they betrayed you
then they took you away
STOLE you from me!
stole the last few hours
we would ever have
cheated, robbed
it’s never enough time
i didn’t even know you were gone
i called and you didn’t come
i expected to find you lying dead
the cancer hurt you so bad
you didn’t drink for 4 days
you didn’t eat for 4 days
then they locked you in a cage
some cold, dark cage
away from me, all alone
i didn’t even get to say goodbye
goodbye to my best friend
you wanted to be near me too
you probably died from the lonliness
the abandonment
that’s the worst thing
the WORST thing anyone has ever done!
i will never forgive them for it
they had NO RIGHT!
they threw you away like a piece of trash
you know how i loved you son
my sweet, gentle boy
you were always a puppy at heart
your smile warmed my soul
you were so beautiful
you were one of a kind
you saved my life
you will always be a part of me
no matter where i am, you’re home
so sleep now my friend
there’s no more pain
you’re free

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