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There’s nothing left inside of me…

Finish the sentence:

My ex is:

Maybe I should:
Give up for good.

I love:
Music…the only thing that never lets me down.

I don’t understand:
How americans don’t understand english.

I lose:
My mind…chronically. And it sucks.

People say I’m:
Wierd…they be right.

Love is:
A disease.

Somewhere, someone is:
Thinking bad thoughts about me.

I will always:
Be myself and anyone that doesn’t like it can piss off.

Forever seems:
An impossibility.

I never want to:
Turn into what I hate.

I think the current President is:
A douchebag.

When I wake up in the morning:
The dreams become reality.

I get annoyed when:
People think they know me when in actuality they don’t know shit.

Parties are:
Pretty much lame and boring.

My dog is:

Kisses are the worst when:
People don’t brush their tongue…yuck.

Today I:
Stopped caring a little more.

Tommorow i’m going to:
Probably do the same.

I really want:
People to stop making it their goal in life to piss me off.

I have low tolerance for people who:
Have the audacity to judge me.

If I had a million dollars:
I could buy “happiness”.

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