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Night Of The Living Surveys!

Here’s how it works….There are 13 questions that you have to fill out about the THIRD person on your top 8. This is just to see if you know this person as well as you think! So start answering!

1) Name: Angela Greene (but she prefers ANGIE!)

2) Age: 28

3) Are they single? nope

4) How long have you known this person? About two and a half years…damn.

5) Are you related? We both come from the same redneck swine kind of family so sort of.

6) Where does this person live? La La Land.

7) How often do you see them? Online pretty often.

8) When was the last time you talked to them on the phone? I’d guess 6 months ago?

9) talked on Myspace? Last week.

10) talked on AIM? Earlier tonight.

11) How did you meet this person? She joined one of my leatherface mp3 groups, I saw her cd list, and it was all sunshine, lollypops, puppy dogs, and rainbows from there!

12) Are you pretty good friends? I call her my sister so I would say so.

13) When will you see this person next? Real world…probly never.

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