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Fantastic Planet

Using my media player shuffle, I came up with these:

Opening credits: Right About You - Doctor Bison (interesting)

Waking up: Skin Deep - Frankie Stubbs (hmm…)

Average day: Little White God - Leatherface (HAH!)

First date: It’s Just An Excuse - Spermbirds (….for what?)

Falling in love: Apathy Is A Greater Threat To Democracy Than Terrorism Ever Was - Four Dumb Kids (Why yes…I DO fall in love with music!)

Fight scene: Land Of The Brave - Mecht Mensch (heh…)

Breaking up: Subterranean Zone - Four Letter Word (ever so ironic)

Getting back together: I’ll Never Forget You - Hüsker Dü (HAHAHA!!!)

Secret love: Holland In Not - Turbostaat (German translation please?)
well, “holland in not” is hard to translate “one-to-one”. its a german “saying”. directly translated it means: the netherlands in danger. its used when you`re in a sudden hopeless and bad situation where you cant seem to get out. guess the origin of this expression lies in the situation that the netherlands are a country below sea-level and have/had problems with the north-sea flooding the country very often…….so its a kind of metaphor……hope this helps….
(thanks Steffen!)

Life’s okay: Everybody Had It With You - The Last (this is too damn funny)

Mental breakdown: (I’m Gonna) Make You Scream - Battalion Of Saints (TOO DAMN FUNNY!!!)

Driving: Old Elvis - Frankie Stubbs (eh? well I do drive like an old lady)

Learning a lesson: Die A Slave - Unwanted (…ok)

Deep thought: Now - Jawbreaker (yes sir!)

Flashback: The Prescience Of Dawn - The Weakerthans (this survey ROCKS!)

Partying: ALL - Descendents (YES!!!)

Happy dance: We Need To Make Some Changes - The Phoenix Foundation (in order to…yes)

Regretting: Crazy ’bout You - Nastyfacts (those are often regretable)

Long night alone: Bloodbath - Nunfuckers (HAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Death scene: Rant - Jesse (…as I wander around my ranting and raving mind!)

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