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10 bands + questions = survey

February 27th, 2006

Name 10 bands you are really in to (right now):

1. Annalise
2. Descendents
3. Broccoli
4. Dead Kennedys
5. Porcelain Boys
6. Hüsker Dü
7. Subhumans
8. Spermbirds
9. Turtlehead
10. Hooton 3 Car

now answer the questions according to the numbers.

+ what was the first song you ever heard by 2?

+ what is your favourite album of 8?
hmm…right now probably Eating Glass.

+ what is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
I never wanted to go
So far away from here
With my head up in the clear
And I never wanted to see
The road in front of me
Until you paved it all the way
Well now it comes down
You burned all your bridges down
Just watch the flames and laugh
You know full well you’ll all come back
With your bridges burning
Always turning in my hand
Fool me again
Cos I thought you were my friend
It’s getting easier to pretend like I don’t care
Got time to kill
And it’s looking like I will
Me away…
Avert your eyes like a code
There was nothing more beautiful
But what is precious is few
The few lies I had with you
Were far better than any truth
Well now it comes down
You burned all your bridges down
Just watch the flames and laugh
You know full well you’ll all come back
With your spirit turning
Always burning in my hand
Fool me again
Cos I thought you were my friend
It’s getting easier to pretend like I don’t care
Got time to kill
And it’s looking like I will
But I won’t spill my blood tonight
Waiting for you Mrs. Right
I never wanted to go, all alone
You fool me again
And yeah I thought you were my friend
It’s getting easy now, I don’t care, no
And I got time to kill
I said it’s looking like I will
Me away awhile, away awhile

+ how many times have you seen 4 live?

+ what is your favourite song of 7?
Shit…uhh…I can’t even decide!

+ what is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
First time I heard Sorry.

+ is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
More than one.

+ what is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
Why do I daydream?
Why do I get my hopes up at all?
I’ve been living this Walter Mitty life
For too long
Somebody save me
I’m a prisoner of my own fear
Sometimes fantasy is the only
Thought I can bear
My mind is a dream-filled balloon
Dripping dreams into my shoes
And I’m too afraid to move
To face the real world
And when I fall, I fall down hard
When will I ever learn?
Don’t take your dreams to heart
You’ll only wind up getting
Maybe I’m lazy
But circumstances always knock me down
So I’ll just lie here, never get up
Off the ground
But maybe it’s crazy
To sit and think of all the things I wanna do
What’s the use in dreaming when dreams
Never come true?
And when I fall, I fall down hard
When will I ever learn?
Don’t take your dreams to heart
You’ll only wind up getting
Why do I daydream?
Why do I daydream?
Why do I bother?
Time to get up off your ass
Pull your head out - take a chance
Grab whatever you can grab
‘Cause there’s no such thing
No such thing

+ what is your favourite song by 9?
Possibly Non Sequitor but their last album is damn near perfect.

+ what was the first song you heard by 1?
Something on a compilation…

+ What is your favourite song by 4?
At the moment I’d say Life Sentence.

+ how many times have you seen 2 live?

+ what is a good memory you have concerning 9?
“Second Chance”.

+ is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
Another Dead Friendship brings up alot of emotions.

+ what is your favourite album of 5?
Away Awhile.

+ what is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
Holding on to nothing
Means I’ll never lose it
Following the wrong trip
Leaves me such a weak grip
I never planned it out this way
These dress rehearsals of my life have been played too much now
When everybody is insane
Where do we stand, we are all lost if this life is senseless…

+ what is your favourite song of 1?
Damn hard questions….I could have written You Break Me.

+ what is your favourite song of 10?

+ how many times have you seen 6 live?

+ what is your favourite album of 2?
ALL/Everything Sucks/Cool To Be You/Milo Goes To College

+what is your favourite lyric that 6 has sung?
I was talking
When I should have been listening
I didn’t hear a word that anyone said
It must not have been so very important
Cos I was concerned about instead
With what’s going on
What’s going on
What’s going on inside my head

+what was the first song you heard by 8?
Nothing Is Easy

Rotting Out

February 22nd, 2006

Choose a band / artist then answer ONLY in titles of their songs . . .

1. Choose a band / artist: Descendents

2. Are you male or female: Iceman

3. Describe yourself: Schizophrenia

4. How do some people feel about you: Like The Way I Know

5. How do you feel about yourself: I’m Not A Loser

6. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: She Don’t Care

7. Describe current boyfriend/girlfriend: Can’t Go Back

8. Describe where you want to be: Here With Me

9. Describe how you live: Shattered Milo

10. Describe how you love: I Quit

11. What would you ask for if you had just one wish: I Wanna Be A Bear

12. Share a few words of Wisdom: Everything Sux

13. Where do you Live: My World

14. Now say goodbye: Uranus

The Tens

February 13th, 2006

-Would you rather find true love or $1 million?
I’d say I’m more likely to find $1 million.

-Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about at all?
Does it even matter?

-Would you rather have stars in your eyes or eyes on the back of your head?
I already have eyes in the back of my head! I had to shatter the stars…

-Would you rather have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?
I’m already what you might call a “listener” so, again, I have both already.

-would you rather end hunger or hatred?
Let’s see… I’m starving and full of hate…

-rather publish your diary or make a movie about your most embarassing moment?
My life is one big embarassing moment.

-rather be caught singing in the miror or spying on your crush?
“spying” is such a nasty word…

-rather be a dog named killer or a cat named fluffy?
I’m a killer, and I’m a clown.

-rather give up movies or music?
Such a retarded question… Music is everything!

-rather be stranded on a desert island alone or w/ someone you hate?
If you’re with someone you hate then doesn’t that already count as alone?

-rather get even or get over it?
Sometimes that’s one and the same. Be it in a vindictive manner or otherwise.

-rather always lose or never play?
Oh the irony… I’m asking myself the same question.

-rather be forced to lie to your best bud or tell the truth to your parents?
My parents don’t WANT to know the truth!

-rather know it all or have it all?
I do know it all and that’s why I have nothing.

-rather get 1st dibs or last laugh?
In what context? Yeah…WHAT CONTEXT?!

-rather give bad advice or take it?
I neither give nor take bad advice. It’s my curse.

-rather have sand in your shorts or water in your ear?
Water in my ear irritates the piss out of me.

-rather forget your sunscreen or your sunglasses?
I’m blind… i.e. Can’t Wear Shades. And I’m latin… i.e. I Tan.

-rather own a ski lodge or a surf camp?
How about none of the above?

-rather forget who you are or who everyone else was?
I used to wish I was someone else when I was a kid…maybe 9 years old. But then I would think “but if I was to become someone else then how would I know I was someone else unless I remembered who I was so then how could I be someone else?”

-rather have 1 wish granted today or 3 10 yrs from now?
I wish I knew who I was now.

-rather have 1 song playing in your head forever or have to say “like” before every sentence?
I, like, already, like, say like, like all of the time!

-rather give up your computer or your pet?
Anyone that knows anything about me knows I would gladly give my computer up to get my Gabe back…even for a little while.

-rather be the sand castle or the wave?
Be like water my friend.

-rather overthrow a dictatorship or lead one?
If I were to overthrow I would in turn become the dictator, no?

-rather write the worst book in history or record the worst song?
The book of my life is already the worst in history.

-rather get free chocolate for 1 yr or free patatoes forever?

Chuck Norris Returns!

January 27th, 2006

Chuck Norris’ first job was as a paperboy. There were no survivors.

With the rising cost of gasoline, Chuck Norris is beginning to worry about his drinking habit.

The square root of Chuck Norris is pain. However, do not try to square Chuck Norris - the result is death.

Chuck Norris’ testicles do not produce sperm. They produce tiny white ninjas that recognize only one mission: seek and destroy.

To be or not to be? That is the question. The answer? Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris has never been in a fight, ever. Do you call one roundhouse kick to the face a fight?

Chuck Norris never wet his bed as a child. The bed wet itself out of fear.

If you were somehow able to land a punch on Chuck Norris your entire arm would shatter upon impact. This is only in theory, since, come on - who in their right mind would try this?

70f a human’s weight is water. 70f Chuck Norris’ weight is his dick.

Jean-Claude Van Damme once kicked Chuck Norris. He was then awakened from his dream by a judo chop to the neck.

The pie scene in “American Pie” is based on a dare Chuck Norris took when he was younger. However, in Chuck Norris’ case, the “pie” was the molten crater of an active volcano.

Chuck Norris uses 8′x10′ sheets of plywood as toilet paper.

Noah was the only man notified before Chuck Norris relieved himself in the Atlantic Ocean.

Only two men responded to Chuck Norris’ open call for a battle amongst television heroes: McGyver and Jack Bauer

- MacGyver immediately tried to make a bomb out of some Q-Tips and Gatorade, but Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicked him in the solar plexus. MacGyver promptly threw up his own heart.

- Jack Bauer tried to use his detailed knowledge of torture techniques, but to no avail: Chuck Norris thrives on pain. Chuck Norris then ripped off Jack Bauer’s arm and beat him to death with it. Game, set, match.

Chuck Norris eats steak for every single meal. Most times he forgets to kill the cow.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed… unless it meets Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris doesn’t go on the internet, he has every internet site stored in his memory. He refreshes webpages by blinking.

Fact: Chuck Norris doesn’t consider it sex if the woman survives.

It is said that looking into Chuck Norris’ eyes will reveal your future. Unfortunately, everybody’s future is always the same: death by headbutt.

Chuck Norris knows everything there is to know - Except for the definition of mercy.

Scientifically speaking, it is impossible to charge Chuck Norris with “obstruction of justice.” This is because even Chuck Norris cannot be in two places at the same time.

Chuck Norris never has to wax his skis because they’re always slick with blood.

When you say “no one’s perfect”, Chuck Norris takes this as a personal insult.

Chuck Norris can win a game of Trivial Pursuit with one roll of the dice, and without answering a single question… just a nod of the head, and a stroke of the beard.

182,000 Americans die from Chuck Norris-related accidents every year.

Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, but Chuck Norris beats all 3 at the same time.

Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can walk on Jesus.

All roads lead to Chuck Norris. And by the transitive property, a roundhouse kick to the face.

If you’re driving down the road and you think Chuck Norris just cut you off, you better thank your lucky stars it wasn’t the other way around.

July 4th is Independence day. And the day Chuck Norris was born. Coincidence? You had better think not.

Chuck Norris never goes to the dentist because his teeth are unbreakable. His enemies never go to the dentist because they have no teeth.

In the medical community, death is referred to as “Chuck Norris Disease.”

Chuck Norris was once in a knife fight, and the knife lost.

If you work in an office with Chuck Norris, don’t ask him for his three-hole-punch.

In the Words of Julius Caesar, “Veni, Vidi, Vici, Chuck Norris”. Translation: I came, I saw, and I was kicked in the face by Chuck Norris.

The First rule of Chuck Norris is: you do not talk about Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris is widely predicted to be first black president. If you’re thinking to yourself, “But Chuck Norris isn’t black”, then you are dead wrong. And stop being a racist.

When Chuck Norris plays Monopoly, it affects the actual world economy.

Chuck Norris can be unlocked on the hardest level of Tekken. But only Chuck Norris is skilled enough to unlock himself. Then he roundhouse kicks the Playstation back to Japan.

Chuck Norris drinks napalm to quell his heartburn.

Every time someone uses the word “intense”, Chuck Norris always replies “you know what else is intense?” followed by a roundhouse kick to the face.

As an infant, Chuck Norris’ parents gave him a toy hammer. He gave the world Stonehenge.

Chuck Norris once ordered a steak in a restaurant. The steak did what it was told.

Most people fear the Reaper. Chuck Norris considers him “a promising Rookie”.

There are only two things that can cut diamonds: other diamonds, and Chuck Norris.

President Roosevelt once rode his horse 100 miles. Chuck Norris carried his the same distance in half the time.

Chuck Norris once ate four 30lb. bowling balls without chewing.

What many people dont know is, Chuck Norris is the founder of planned parenthood. Not even unborn children can escape his wrath.

Chuck Norris was banned from competitive bullriding after a 1992 exhibition in San Antonio, when he rode the bull 1,346 miles from Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pick up his dry cleaning.

Chuck Norris qualified with a top speed of 324 mph at the Daytona 500, without a car.

My Best Friend

January 23rd, 2006

i think my head will explode
my throat is full of glass
my worst nightmare just came true
the cancer started 6 months ago
she did nothing to help
i knew what was happening
she murdered you with criminal neglect
that fucking bitch
i had to watch you wither away
for two long weeks
away to nothing
i’m so sorry i couldn’t help
how you begged me to help
i begged you not to go
you trusted us
they betrayed you
then they took you away
STOLE you from me!
stole the last few hours
we would ever have
cheated, robbed
it’s never enough time
i didn’t even know you were gone
i called and you didn’t come
i expected to find you lying dead
the cancer hurt you so bad
you didn’t drink for 4 days
you didn’t eat for 4 days
then they locked you in a cage
some cold, dark cage
away from me, all alone
i didn’t even get to say goodbye
goodbye to my best friend
you wanted to be near me too
you probably died from the lonliness
the abandonment
that’s the worst thing
the WORST thing anyone has ever done!
i will never forgive them for it
they had NO RIGHT!
they threw you away like a piece of trash
you know how i loved you son
my sweet, gentle boy
you were always a puppy at heart
your smile warmed my soul
you were so beautiful
you were one of a kind
you saved my life
you will always be a part of me
no matter where i am, you’re home
so sleep now my friend
there’s no more pain
you’re free

Why do I daydream?

January 11th, 2006

1. Whats your favourite sandwich filling?
Pretty much anything that had a soul.

2. Do you have any style icons?
umm…I don’t care about fashion.

3. Whats your skin colour?
Somewhere between brown and white.

4. What colours do you like to wear?
Black, white, blue, gray, denim….

5. What do you like most about yourself?
The amazing ability to not shave for weeks on end!

6. What colour eyeshadow do you wear?
Purple really brings out my eyes.

7. What colour are your eyebrows?
Same as the carpet.

8. Do you keep your armpit hair?
I’m a dude.

9. If someone hot asked to see you naked for $200 dollars, would you show them your assets?
Why rent the cow when you can get the milk for free…or something…

10. Whats your cup size (If female)?

11. How long is your hair?
Bout an inch… I need a haircut!

12. Which family member do you look like most?
My dogs.

13. How long do you spend in the bathroom?
Long enough to do what I gotta do… Not ALL GODDAMN DAY like some people I know!

14. Do you walk around your house naked?
Can you consider it “naked” with this amount of hair? Am I joking?

15. Do you dance around your bedroom in your underwear?
I don’t dance.

16. What part of girls/guys do you like the least?
The…….. Ego.

17. What part of girls/guys do you like the most?
The funny.

18. What annoys you about girls/guys?

20. Describe your figure:
It’s a random set of numbers and letters.

21. Describe your ideal man/woman:

22. Do you like men with beards and goatees?
I’ve had a stash since I was 15, goatee since I was 16, I’m up to the full blown hillbilly beard now.

23. Do you like guys who are small in *that* department?
I don’t like guys, period.

24. What would be one of the things important to you in a relationship?
My nose makes it’s own bubblegum.

25. How do you rate virginity?
The complete lack of sexual intercourse.

26. Are looks important?

27. Would you do topless modelling?
It must be some freaky-ass magazine if you’re asking someone like ME!

28. Would you get your nipples pierced?
Fucking. Hell. No.

29. Whats the best word to use, sleep with shag fuck sex make love:
I’m quite fond of coitus.

30. What is your most sexiest feature:
My mind.

31. What is your least sexiest feature:
My mind.

The Stupid Ones

32. Are you looking for a partner right now?

33. So you dont have a crush on anybody?
That’s right… I pulled a Jesus!

34. What celebrities do you think are hot?
Morgan Webb, Lauren Graham, Kathy Rogers, the redheaded girl on MythBusters, Claire from SFU…

35. If you could look like any celebrity, whom would you look like?
I really don’t care.

36. Green apples or red apples?

37. Lights on or off?

38. What time do you go to sleep?
When I finally nod off.

39. What TV do you watch on Fridays?
They ain’t jack shit on fridays.

40. Are you still friends with everyone at school if you have left?
Not a single one!

41. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

42. What annoys your friends about you?
I dunno…

43. How high do you play your stereo?
Too loud.

44. What colour are your curtains?

45. What make mascara do you use?
I’m no girl-pants wearing emofag.

46. Where do you buy your clothes?
umm…the place that sells stuff.

47. What are you thinking right now?

48. Are you on speaking terms with your parents?

49. Do you like children?
Only if they’re not mine.

50. Has your love life been good or bad?
The word “trainwreck” comes to mind.

51 What was the last alcohol you drank?
I have no fucking clue. That was over 7 and a half years ago.

52. Are you scared of commitment?
Straight jackets aren’t as comfortable as they look.

53. Do you want a serious relationship?
Define “serious”.

54. Are your parents religious?
Who cares?


55. Name all your favourite songs from 2 of your favourite bands:
Dude…that would take an hour!

56. What band could you NEVER stop listening to?
The Descendents/ALL.

57. What band/singer have you been listening to for years?
The above.

58. What CDs are you going to get next?
Whatever promos I get in the mail.

59. Describe your music taste?

60. What was your music taste like four or five years ago?
The same as right now.

61. What singer would you most love to look like, or sound like?
I could say something like the Fat Elvis… But I’m from the south. There’s already herds of those!

62. If you were in a band, what position would you take on (lets just say you CAN play some instruments if you cant)?

63. What kind of music would you play?
The good kind.

64. What bands would be your inspirations?
The good kind.

65. You can take 6 musicians for your band who would you pick?

66. What band that you listen to now, can you see yourself getting sick of soon?
I really don’t know… I’m schizophrenic.

67. What would your music videos be like?
Fuck that shit.

68. What movie has the best soundtrack?
Taxi Driver…hah!

69. Besides CDs, do you still keep tapes (and what ones)?
Not if I can help it. Tapes suck!

70. Do you have any mixed albums?

71. Do you listen to 80s music (if so, what bands/singers)?
I listen to music FROM the 80s!

More Random Questions

72. List the stuff you hate, it can be anything:
I’m so not in the mood for this.

73. List the stuff you love, it can be anything:
Laughing, imagination, friends, musit…

74. Has your family ever walked in on you while you were naked/in your underwear?
Yes… my entire extended family has walked in on me.

75. Have you ever been sprayed with sewage?
I’ve been sprayed with worse, I’m sure.

76. Whats your BEST facial feature?
My beard makes people jealous.

77. Whats your WORST facial feature?
Everythig under the beard.

78. Whats your favourite desert?
I’m pretty fond of all things sugar.

79. What was your last most hilarious thought?
“John was killed by…”

80. Whats your favourite word?
Does anyone NOT answer “fuck”?!

Dreams & Nightmares

81. Have you ever dreamt of sex with someone you know?
Good question…

82. Do you have a lot of nightmares?

83. What do you dream about in general?
Crazy shit.

84. When you dream about friends what are you doing?
umm…I don’t often dream about real people.

85. What did you last dream about?
I don’t think I’ve dreamed at all the past three nights. But the last thing I remember had dead bodies and zombies. With people I knew. Was kinda fucked up.

86. What was your last nightmare?
Just said…

87. What have been your most interesting dream?
When I was a kid… I dreamed of Pinhead. This was before Hellraiser ever came out!

88. Have any of your dreams ever come true?
Only the bad ones.

“John was killed by…”

January 11th, 2006

Time for the second installment of random Google fun!!! Step one: search “John was killed by”. Step two: pick out several of the better results. Step three: tell a story with them. Enjoy!

John was killed by the government.
John was killed by the authorities.
John was killed by the terrorists.
John was killed by a team of men associated with both the CIA and organized crime.
John was killed by a professional soldier with a sharp sword, but who knows?
John was killed by having his head removed.
John was killed by a mind controlled person.
John was killed by some lone nut who was just crazy.
John was killed by a single bullet that hit him between the eyes.
John was killed by a Kickapoo raiding party; they left his body riddled with bullet holes and arrows, with his boots cut off and his socks stolen.
John was killed by a bomb.
John was killed by a piematun blast in a well at which his father’s hairs turned white in a few months.
John was killed by his alcoholic father.
John was killed by his mother after he had vomited during a meal.
John was killed by the man and The sandwich.
John was killed by a tennis ball in his youth.
John, was killed by a blow to his head from the hard ball used whilst playing a game of tennis.
John was killed by Mary.
John was killed by kindness.
John was killed by the witchcraft.
John was killed by his friend.
John was killed by friendlies, isn’t that a relief.
John, was killed by a werewolf.
John was killed by severe trauma to his neck/upper chest area.
John was killed by “the Jerk of All Jerks.”
John was killed by this torture only in December, and the persons involved are aware of that.
John was killed by some idiot.
John was killed by a loon.
John was killed by the “bad”.
John was killed by lightning.
John was killed by stabbing.
John was killed ‘by the world’.

101 Reasons To Die

January 9th, 2006

1. Hola:
Fuck you.

2.Where are you?

3.What day is it?
Technically monday since it’s 12:20am.

4. How are you today?

5. Do anything interesting yet?:
umm…the most interesting thing I did all day was make a couple of new pictures for my forum.

6. If not, why not?:
I’m incredibly lame…

7. You wish you were?
Only fools and hobos make wishes.

8. Smell?
Yeah…I haven’t taken a bath yet. Sue me!

9. Last thought?
*breeze and tumbleweeds*

10. Song currently playing?
Spermbirds - Your Problem

11. Annoyed?
At life, yes.

12. Last person you talked to?
Kali Jean.

13. Beverage?
Green Tea.

14. Have you ever watched Animal Farm?
I kinda doubt it.

15. If you did, did those pigs freak you out a bit?

16. What do you think of talking animals. Should they be able to?
Mine do!

17. Would things be better if we had as much intelligence as most other animals?
Since nearly every other species on earth doesn’t destroy it’s only habitat…

18. Do you appreciate stuff or take it for granted?
I learned better than to take things for granted.

19. What do you think is the most taked for granted?

20. What would you do with $1,000,000?
Move to Mars.

21. How about $100,000?
Move to California.

22. And $1.00?
Buy a mars bar.

23. When you see people asking for a dollar or two, what do you give them?
Dirty looks.

24. Have you ever asked strangers for some money?
Sorta. And mostly got said response!

25. What’s the most boringest state to live in?
Tennessee. Or depression if you wanna get fancy.

26. Where do you live?

27. Like it there?
Hello??? It’s fucking purgatory!

28. Where does the rest of your family live?
Too close.

29. Do you like seeing them for the holidays… or is it more of a “it’s Christmas - I have to” kind of thing?:
I don’t do holidays.

30. What are you putting off right now?
The one paying job I’ve had for nearly a year.

31. Do you have somebody online who just bugs you as soon as they i.m. you?
Since there’s maybe three people I talk to regularly now…

32. Why don’t you just… block them or something?
Can I block you then?

33. Ever met a creep online?
A few!

34. When you see the sluttiest pictures on myspace, do you ever message them telling them to have some class?
hahahaha….that’s a funny idea! Sorta like what Kali said when I got my billionth webcam whore spam here the other day… “tell her to grow teeth from her vagina so she can eat it on both ends fucking slut” HAH!

35. Do your myspace pictures actually LOOK like the real you?
Yes… yes I look EXACTLY like my pictures.

36. What would be the coolest animal to have as a pet?
Orion Slave Girl.

37. What do you think pets are thinking about?
Pet me, feed me, play with me, I wanna lick my ass…

38. What mythological animal would you like to be?
You can call me phoenix since I always rise from the ashes!

39. Which one of those made-up creatures is your favourite?
I just said!

40. Make up an animal and give it a species name:
Octoparrot - “I shouldn’t be *squawk*”

41. What annoys you most?
The pathetically lame excuses that people come up with. It’s insulting to my intelligence!

42. Ever heard the song “Gloomy Sunday”?
Do I care?

43. If you did, which version did you hear?
That was a rhetorical question you know.

44. Did it make you want to kill yourself?
No, I want to kill YOU!

45. Do you think a song could really be the reason to commit suicide?
Have you listened to the radio lately?

46. Know anybody who commited suicide?
Not on purpose.

47. Would you ever?
No. But thinking about it for even a second leaves a sickening feeling.

48. What’s the biggest thing that makes you just wanna die right now?

49. What offends you most?
Liars, liars, liars.

50. How do you usually (not purposely) offend people?
My humor is sharp as a razor.

51. Love yourself?
Every day.

52. …Physically?:
I am lithe and flirty.

53. If you could change your ____, what would you make it/them look like?
eyes: less blind

hair: less balding

nose: less hairy

mouth: nada

arms & legs: less wussy

hands & feet: nada

tummy: nada

height: nada

weight: nada

54. Do you think people should be skinny to be good looking?

55. Are you shallow?
A little.

56. What’s your favourite ‘type’ of person you’d date?
Funny, cute, good musical taste.

57. Do you ever rewind a song to a specific part over and over and over because the sound of that part is just so good?
No but there’s a few songs that I can leave on repeat for hours.

58. What kind of music do you like?
The kind that moves me.

59. What kind of music do you really not like?
The kind that sucks.

60. What kind of music do your parents like?
Who cares???

61. Do most of your friends like the same music as you do?
Pretty much.

62. Did/do you always get an A or B in English during school?
I did horrible in English. I only speak American!

63. If you did, is it because you can’t stand spelling/grammar mistakes?
Internet me dumb make!

64. When people obsessingly use asterics (****) does it annoy you?
It does now!

65. When your friends tell you to go to a certain site or watch a certain video online, do you do it?
They’re usually funny. Unlike this survey!

66. Do you like those stare-real-close-at-the-screen or turn-up-the-volume things where they eventually scare you at the end?
FOX news?

67. When people say they love ninja turtles… and other stupid things known as “cool” by the scene… do you think they really like them or just say they do to look cute/cool?
I used to watch that shit in jr high/high school. I even saw the lameass movies. Vanilla Ice was in the second one! Good god what were we ever thinking…..

68. Do YOU HONESTLY like Ninja Turtles?
I made that clear already fuckwad.

69. Do you like the “scene” and stuff like that?
Oh fuck off already.

70. What about “emo” and stuff?

71. Are you a part of it…?
I don’t wear girl pants or mascara.

72. Were you ever in Romeo & Juliet during a school play or something?
This is getting so tedious… I avoided school functions like the plague!

73. Who’s your favourite character from it?
The guy that did the thing… What was his name? Bob!

74. Do you even understand what Shakespeare’s writing?
I already told you I only read American!

75. What are your absolute favourite pairs of socks?
Shoot me.

76. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever worn in public that you thought was cool at the time?
I grew up in the 80’s. Nuff said.

77. Do you like this era/generation/decade?

78. Is there another one you wish you could have lived in?
That would require living.

79. What do you think of casual sex?
There’s no such thing.

80. What’s your nationality/race/ethnicity/heritage?
Portugese/German mostly.

81. What do you wish you were (ethnicity-wise)?
I don’t care.

82. Ever been discriminated because of your ethnicity?
It’s tough being a white man this day and age… Was that irony?

83. Do you care about 06/06/06 coming this year?
Seems fitting now that you mention it. Maybe it will even be the day of my high school reunion!

84. Who’s your favourite from Harry Potter?
Fuck off.

85. Who was your favourite from Lord of the Rings?

86. What could you care less about?
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars.

87. How much money do you have on you right now?
Maybe two cents.

88. Do you like your I.D.?
I don’t have one!

89. Do you ever change your answers because other people that will read them won’t like them?
I don’t give a fuck.

90. What month did your parents have sex in to have you?
Why would you EVER make someone think about that???

91. If you were to have a kid, what month would you like it born in?

92. Can you hacky-sack?
Used to in high school. Til someone stole my hacky sack.

93. What does your aim screen name mean (or any if you don’t have aim; and if you don’t have aim shame on you)?
It means…….

94. What’s the most embarassing sn you’ve ever had?
No such thing.

95. Did you even answer the above question?

96. Did you use to play on

97. If you did… what was your favourite neopet?
I take it back… Don’t shoot me. I’m gonna shoot YOU!

98. Is 101 questions enough for now?
It’s 101 reasons to die.

99. Are you gonna go find another survey?
No… No! NO!!!!

100. Do you appreciate the person that made this?
I just said I’m gonna shoot you.

101. Adios, au revoir, yasu, ciao, aloha, mabuhay:
Oh the symmetry… Started with “fuck you” and I’m gonna end with FUCK YOU!


December 21st, 2005

Why do I smell bubble gum?
Do I have a brain tumor?
Am I going crazy?
Did I just black out?
Or am I asleep?
Can you type when you’re asleep?
Maybe it is a tumor.
Annalise isn’t the answer…
They say it’s “the best years of my life”!

Rev. John x1984x

Time Capsule

December 21st, 2005


Singing ALL.

Watching tv…

Talking to Betty.

Watching MythBusters!

My friends.

Having to hate.

I Fear:
What tomorrow may bring.


Inside my head.

Myself crazy.

Somoene that doesn’t miss me.

A vacation.

My day will come.

Therefore it will.



To live.

A reason.

For dreams.


In anticipation.

Girl songs.

Too late.