9/15/09 After about 3 years or so of talking about it the Broccoli discography is finally in the works! It's going to be on Crackle! Records. Graeme and Chris Petty have a new band now too if you didn't already know. Have a listen to Bitter Pills. And on some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

9/12/06 Yet another Broccoli song is playlisted. This time around it's Well Wishing.

8/18/06 There's a fundraiser for the late Benni Esposito in the works now. It will be comprised of an art exhibition, music, and stand-up comedy. So in other words it covers all of the creative endeavors that Benni followed in his life. You can find out more on myspace. And coincidentally Television is on my latest playlist.

5/5/06 Defence is up on my latest playlist here. Rumor has it that the Broccoli discog should finally be out this June too!

2/12/06 I just did a big rebuild here! Add to that updated related bands and links pages and credits on the photos. Plus I finally made the discography look a little better and added the track lists to it. I'm not quite sure if the order and stuff is right yet so let me know people. Fill in any missing catalogue numbers and release years. Also the Snuffy version of Home might have an alternate cover and bonus tracks. I'm going to start making album/lyric pages for everything soon. All of the lyrics I already have are up...hint, hint! And type up a bunch of old reviews and stuff that Graeme sent me!

2/1/06 There's an mp3 of The Tens on my media player right now. It's about time for the Discog cd to come out too, isn't it?!

10/22/05 Yes!!! Bandit999 finally put one of his Broccoli videos up on Punk Torrents!

9/23/05 Man...time has really gotten away from me lately! The gigs update is finally up.

9/6/05 I completely forgot that Enzk sent in some updates for the gigs page!

8/22/05 Going over the new Scumville site I found a few tidbits of info for here. There's a tiny update on the discog and the track list/info for the King Kong 3 comp. I think I need to redo the discog page here this week too...

8/9/05 Graeme got bored and made a Longball To No-One/ Broccoli/ Shonben myspace page. There's an mp3 for each of the bands including Longball's Leatherface cover from the Snuffy tribute. And I stumbled onto a couple of blog posts about Broccoli on a site called Disassembly Line a week or two ago...and forgot to post them! You can read them here and here.

7/15/05 My second UK torrent is up now. There's the rest of the Broccoli that wasn't in my first torrent and a bunch of other goodies. The Discography 3xcds are coming out soon so we'll call this a "promotional teaser"!

7/4/05 Monk Dave typed up an old Broccoli tour diary from (the last - I guess) Japanese tour. It's from old an issue of Fracture. Read it on the interviews page.

6/24/05 The Broccoli discography cd will be on Discographic (Scott Stewart's new label) sometime around this October!

6/20/05 While going over an old Wat Tyler gig list that Sean sent me ages ago I noticed there was alot of Broccoli dates in it. So I figured...what the hell! I'll start a Broccoli gigs history! I got a pretty decent start between that and the flyers that were already up. If anyone can fill in some gaps feel free to. I put Shonben in there too since that's pretty much the same band.

6/15/05 I learned about Paul Ross's new band a few months ago - Engage. I'm only posting about it now because the h/c mp3 site they're on only let me download their songs yesterday! Check the related bands page if you're interested.

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