5/13/05 A small update on the discog with the Broken 7"s release info. You'll be interested to know that the Broccoli discog cd will have all the lyrics in it too.

5/2/05 Attention Broccoli fans! I just finished my interview with Scott Stewart. You can read it over at my zine.

4/10/05 Scott tells me that there will be some Hard Skin shows in Japan soon. And the lyrics page that I've been sitting on for over 6 months is finally up! Only three pages there so far but there will be more lyrics as I get them. I'll throw together some pages with info on the couple of other records I have soon too.

4/9/05 I typed up an old interview that Pigdog Russell sent in a month or two ago. I'll probably get those long overdue lyrics pages up this weekend too.

2/3/05 Read my interview with Graeme Gilmour at the zine. That's the Longball To No-One interview since that's his current band.

2/1/05 You can get the Singles and s/t lp from my first UK Punk torrent. Everything else Broccoli I have will go up in the second installment in honor of Benni.

1/6/05 Scott just told me some sad news. Benni Esposito passed away unexpectedly last weekend. You can read more here.

12/30/04 I just found an old Japanese Home review.

12/29/04 A tiny update to the discog. I don't know if the Snuffy Smile version of Home has a different cover either.

12/26/04 Another Oi Polloi vid is up at Punk Torrents.

12/25/04 Angus just reminded me to put up a couple of pics he sent me ages ago.

12/8/04 It seems my new email address isn't working! I can send email but it's not recieving any. ....ok I'm just a dumbass that wasn't logging in right.

12/2/04 Well there's an almost complete redesign for the new Official Broccoli Website. I never was satisfied with the old version. Aside from all new gifs and colors I think the only real update was a new flyer...and new AIM and email address. I may redo the discog page like China Drum Online's. Same for the still non-existant lyrics page too since I only have the words for Home and the s/t lp.

12/1/04 Benni just sent me the link to this Ideasfactory Scotland interview he did. He's been busy since Broccoli!

11/12/04 I just noticed there's an Oi Polloi video over at Punk Torrents.

11/11/04 I made some Pinto mp3s from the Broccoli split. They're on the yahoo group.

9/20/04 The interviews page is up now but just one there so far.

9/13/04 New scans from the Pinto split and All Smiles 7"s I just got and any additional info on them. They didn't have lyrics inserts though...

8/24/04 The crackle comp cover is up and a flyer from the 96 Japanese tour.

8/20/04 Mike sent me the track list for the Killed By Crackle comp today. I'll put it up once my mailbox lets me back in. It's being difficult at the moment....

8/12/04 Four new covers from Phil including the Chopper split.

8/11/04 I have a new email address so everyone update your address books.

8/1/04 I found a couple more links for the related bands page. Does Rumblestrip even have a site? And the long overdue flyers page is up. Ah yes! And the Smallpunk link that I perpetually forgot to put up. That's where the pic on the start page came from.

7/31/04 I just found a little more info for the discog.

7/30/04 I'm gonna start the flyers page tomorrow, probably. I've got some that BA sent and I know there's more on the Shipyards. Those need to be completely redone first though.

7/28/04 I got my Home cd and s/t lp today. So it turned out that the Peel Sessions were never released. Southern's discog was ALL wrong on that! So I updated the discog and put the two demo tapes that Angus sent a few days ago. Now that I've got lyrics I'll start that page soon. Oh yeah...the Home pic is now of my cd. I'm sure you noticed right off!

7/25/04 I've tweaked the Broccoli group.

7/23/04 I finally figured out what my fucked up font problem was with the Gimp so I could make jpgs of Graeme's pics. At this very second there's four pics from the Broken sessions up. I'll probly get all the rest of them up today but I have to mow...weeeee! Mouse over the pics with h3c and various Japanese band members for the caption.

7/20/04 I got my package full of photos etc. from Graeme today. I'm scanning all the stuff up now. This site will easily double in size once I put all this stuff up!

7/17/04 I got a bunch more stuff from Angus today. But still very very busy with 1000 things to do so asap.

7/14/04 Some of you may have noticed BA sent me a bunch of brocc flyers. I've got about 900 things to take care of right now but I'll get on them asap.

7/13/04 hahahaha...I just did a google search for "Official Broccoli" to see if their bots picked up this site yet. I got some crazy Japanese anime website!!!

7/12/04 Graeme's history page is up now. And it's pure fucking GOLD!!!

6/26/04-7/10/04 Spent many hours banging my head against this screen trying to come up with a descent design. I think it turned out ok but doesn't quite pop like some of the others do. There's much more stuff to the history page that Graeme will write once it comes back to him. Feel free to fill in the gaps yourselves too!

7/7/04 Started compilations page...very very little to work with there.

7/3/04 Broccoli group for the Peel Sessons.

6/30/04 Links page...not much to work with there.

6/29/04 Started the related bands page...with much help from Scott.

6/26/04 I started putting the discog page together.