China Drum originated from Ovingham, a small rural village near Prudhoe which is located about 10 miles to the West of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Adam Lee, Bill and Dave McQueen established friendships in their school days and established themselves as China Drum, the name of a brake pad found on Scania Trucks which was later to find its way onto the legendary band T-shirt 'Enough to stop a Scania.' The group started performing in local bars in the early 1990s but following compliments from friends they started to take their involvement with the band more seriously and were afforded gig slots with fellow local bands such as Leatherface. They achieved modest success in their career with their Single 'Last Chance' missing out on the English top 40 while their debut album Goosefair earned them plaudits within the rock and indie communities alike. Their peak was perhaps playing at Reading Festival when they filled the tent beyond it's capacity and successful tours with Green Day and Ash.
Andi York