9/15/09 You may be excited to hear that Adam has a new band for the first time in years! Go listen to Sickhoose here. And on some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

8/21/06 Find The Time is on my latest playlist now.

7/18/06 I just put Leatherface's cover of Meaning up at the Shipyards. Go to the mp3s page and scroll down to the Little White God 7". And it's at vbr192 so the file won't sound shit!

6/14/06 Finally some new photos!!! Iona sent me a bunch of her pics from the Serious Road Trip charity gig back in 1996. She also told me the China Drum promo vids are on youtube (see links page for all of them) and sent this very long link that I have yet to read. That name looks familiar... Oh! You'd be interested to know that you can save those videos with Keepvid too!

2/27/06 I did a little rebuild here. Put up some photos that Graham sent six months ago and a new link or two. Send me more photos and flyers people! I have some live and lots of rare mp3s if someone wants to host them. Send me an email if you're interested. And there's an mp3 of Last Chance (acoustic) on my media player.

1/14/06 Someone has a China Drum fan profile going on myspace. And Chimpo sent in stickers from a Wipeout promo he recently found. Everything else about the disc was normal. Check the album page for those. I guess the rumor of a China Drum reunion was just that too... A RUMOR!

10/16/05 I uploaded Take It Back from Goosefair yesterday. You can download it from the same place as before.

10/11/05 Rumor has it that China Drum will reform for a few gigs at the end of the year. No way in hell I could make it to that so hopefully there will be audio and video! If anyone gets some definite details be sure to let me know. And I have the acoustic version of Somewhere Else uploaded here. My bandwidth usage has been low lately so download away!

7/2/05 It took me a WEEK but this update is finally finished! I redid the discog page with some fancy java and made seperate album/lyrics pages for all twenty-one (or so) China Drum releases. There's stuff like obi-strips on them and all the record geek info I could think of. And there's lyrics to pretty much every song now. But I'm sure I messed up a few words on songs like On My Way, Pull, and Drown It...

4/11/05 I knew I was forgetting something. I got some new China Drum stuff in the past two months. There was the King Tuts 1996 vcd and the 10" version of Fall Into Place. I still don't know if that has the same version of Cloud 9 as on the Snuffy comp or if it's a different version of Great Fire (live) since my turntable is pretty much fucked right now.

4/9/05 There's two new reviews of the Japanese album releases at my zine. I think that's all the updates I have for here right now....

2/1/05 You can get the Barrier UK cd that was left out of my China Drum discog on my first UK Punk torrent.

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