1/30/05 A couple of new links I found about a month ago but kept forgetting to put up.

1/21/05 My China Drum torrent is up now. Help shackleton seed once your downloads are complete. Don't make him carry this all by himself.

1/10/05 I got cdrs of missing single tracks from Mike and Phil yesterday and the Built To Blast 2x7". I thought the 7" had a different version too but it's from Barrier. That's actually a good thing though since my stylus is fucked and it'll cost almost $30 to get a new one!! So for those that aren't in the loop already I'm putting together a Singles 2xcdr. Just missing one song that should be here within the week. Oh...there's a discog update too. And the Built To Blast cover won't scan for shit with the glossy finish it has.

1/3/05 The other China Drum vid is back up on punk torrents.

12/19/04 Just typed up an old interview that Rabbit Records Mat sent me - TMT #15. And you were right Dave! I don't know why I thought the Simple version of Meaning was acoustic! Just noticed that my top page was missing it's bg color too!!! I thought it looked aweful dark...

12/8/04 It seems my new email address isn't working! I can send email but it's not recieving any. ....ok I'm just a dumbass that wasn't logging in right.

12/2/04 An almost complete overhaul for the new China Drum Online. Things like slightly smaller tables and new frame (instead of iframe) pages for the comp, lyric, and interview pages give a much more finished look to the site now. Updates wise just about the only new things are my records page and a new AIM and email address.

11/27/04 There's another China Drum video on Punk Torrents.

11/25/04 I found a Best Punk Rock In England, Son picture that's now up on the comps page. It was entirely too small to blow up for the discog...I don't even know if it belongs there yet.

11/22/04 Oh I forgot to update Self Made Maniac's info for the Japanese version. That covers everything I know about China Drum now. So if anyone has some interesting tid bits of into, pictures, flyers, etc. please feel free to send them in!

11/16/04 And the previously unreleased song Complete from the Japanese version of Self Made Maniac is on the group now.

11/15/04 Oh yeah...Angela uploaded the original version of Wuthering Heights to the group yesterday.

11/11/04 You can read my review of the Flying Medallions split at the Shipyards.

11/3/04 I got the UK Barrier ep and Flying Medallions split the other day so all the info and stuff on those is finally on the discog.

11/2/02 Nigel from Driven To Collision just emailed me saying Jan plays drums for them. I even found a Compulsion link on their website! Find them both on the Related page.

10/12/04 I finally filled in all the info that I know on the discog.

10/8/04 Four new scans are up on the discog now.

9/28/04 I put the liner notes from the Reading 95 comp on the interviews page.

9/7/04 A little discog update consisting mostly of new covers of Rolling Hills and Self Made Maniac. I'll fill in all the recording info and what not once I get the last couple of singles I bought.

8/11/04 I have a new email address so everyone update your address books.

8/10/04 Another discog update with more info and the Unheard Pleasures tape that I forgot.

7/31/04 I just linked up the new discog page but it's faaar from completed.

7/28/04 I'm putting up scans from my own records on the discog page now. But I doubt anyone besides me will notice the difference.

7/27/04 I put the Unheard Pleasures tape on the comps page. It came free with Select magazine back in the summer of '95. One of the many Phil's sent me everything.

7/14/04 There's a China Drum video from 1996 and a Promo video torrent over on Punk Torrents now.

6/29/04 I finally overhauled this site for mozilla and I have to say it doesn't look like shit anymore. I made header gifs and the font a little smaller....makes a huge difference. There's the new intro that Andi sent me a while back. And two "new" Rabbit Records comps that Mat told me about. He's also sending me an interview that he did sometime soon. Oh, I also found a couple of album covers that Leo sent...and that got lost long ago. I don't know where Amber goes so I just stuck it on the end.

6/20/04 There's more new mp3s up on the China Drum group.

6/2/04 I took the background color off of the headers here. It looks a little better now but I'm still not quite feeling this site.

5/30/04 There's a whole new batch of mp3s up on the China Drum group.

5/29/04 If you search google for "China Drum online" this site is #3!

5/11/04 It was Wiggy that sent that flyer a while back. He says there's more stuff coming soon! If you saw the forum you know he's the guy that got his China Drum hat stole a few weeks ago. If anyone knows where to get another he'd really appreciate it.

5/10/04 I know I said this ages ago but I finally put some lyrics up. I completely changed the format of that page too. I usually hate it when people put in drop down menus that go by song but seeing as how most of the songs are on multiple albums it seemed more efficient. I'll probably put in a line with each song saying what albums it's from.

5/9/04 I was just perusing ebay. Some of you might find this shirt amusing.

4/29/04 I just put up the Casrock poster that someone [sorry I don't remember who] sent me ages ago. I didn't bother with a thumbnail or anything since there's just one picture up.

4/11/04 What the hell? I KNOW I added the Masterminds soundtrack to the Comps page already! Why else would the jpg and html page be here already? Anyway, it was funny hearing Biscuit Barrel at the end of the credits there this afternoon.

4/4/04 Now that this site isn't quite as hideous maybe I'll start working on the lyrics soon...

3/23/04 I put a link to Download MP3's site up.

3/20/04 Well the clock just rolled over...I put up a bunch more discog pics that Billyboy sent me and more that Leo sent me ages ago. Those included a bunch of lyric inserts so I need to start on that sometime soon.... (that means I'll clean all the junk off the discog page)

3/17/04 All the info on the Built To Blast v/a that Phil sent me yesterday. And I filled in some more info on the discog from Mantra's site. Everything before Goosefair is a different version right? And is Mantra and Beggars Banquet the same thing or what?

3/16/04 There's some interviews up now.

3/15/04 All the info and scans I have for the comps are up now.

3/1 to 3/14/04 I got sick of waiting around and designed this site. I'm not a big fan of the color red either. I've already wasted a fucking week trying to come up with a design here. I'm still not happy with it but at least I've gotten past the urge to vomit at the sight of it! The links is pretty comprehensive and the discog is maybe 40%. This thing is still lacking a great deal of info but there's some interviews and stuff coming soon....

January to March 2004 - Nothing much happened aside from gathering some info for the discography.