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Leatherface Tribute (Where are they now?) (Read 2948 times)
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Leatherface Tribute (Where are they now?)
05/27/15 at 11:59:38
'where are they now?'
off the top of my head  
(first post 2015 Cheesy )
1-1 A Death In The Family
made a couple more albums..ended a few years ago, Andrew still runs POISON CITY
1-2 Dukes Of Hillsborough
Indefinite Hiatus? JEFF BRAWER played in WATSON, continues to play solo and in RAGUKAS and probably more
1-3 Sainte Catherines
after TSC came MIRACLES sound system and HUGO played here recently with new band POWERNAP. Hugo still busy in montreal running POUZZA FEST among other things
1-4 Crimson Mire
became THE SUMMER OF '92 BAND and occasionally DOGS. Jason continues to write tunes. Greg just started COMA//DRIFT. DUNCAN and RYAN play in a bunch of bands.  
1-5 Popzillas
I don't know what they are up to
1-6 Great St.Louis, The  
put out a couple albums and became STAY CLEAN JOLENE
1-7 Tenement Kids
from Peter B: "Tenement Kids released a s/t lp that gave them some national attention. It had more soul influences while they stepped away from the orgcore sound. Bass player Tim plays in the band GOLD. Singer Gijs does a solo thing called GFJF, country noir, singer/songwriter stuff. Old drummer Bert plays in Smash The Statues."
1-8 Wat Tyler
Sean works a rough trade and plays in HARD SKIN, internet celebrity  
1-9 Fallout
released a couple more albums, recently resurrected with Patty from BRUTAL YOUTH on bass, Bob plays with BLUE DEMONS
1-10 Monikers
not sure what they are up to
1-11 Hot Water Music
THE DRAFT ended, HWM reformed, released a couple more albums, big shows, collection albums, till the wheels fall off. WOLLARD releases albums, I think they are now just THE SHIP THIEVES.  
1-12 In The Red
played a bunch more, not sure what they are doing  
1-13 Rosie Jones Band
CHRIS played in the BIKE THIEVES and a singles as TOPHER MAC, new full band with wife MEG is called LeBARONS. chris and myself are THE SWIGGS
1-14 Former Cell Mates
Davey moved to ATL and rocked, back home for FCM reunion?!?
1-15 Mike Magarelli -- Box Jellyfish  
Dude plays in SUNSHINE STATE with Warren from AGAINST ME!
1-16 The Tim Version
continue the LOBSTER TOUCH, just released new LP 'Ordinary Life' Russ played in VaginaSoreJR and SANDSPUR CITY. Probably more hockey. DING DONG WAGON dies
1-17 Chuck Ragan
the very beginning of the amazing CHUCK RAGAN decade
1-18 Gunshy
Matt lives in Chicago and is a creative mastermind, playing as the GUNSHY and recording everyone else too
1-19 Open Sewage
I run into Daragh once a year, we still need to have that beer
1-20 Mike Hale  
a couple of solo albums, not sure what Mike is up to now
2-1 Unknown Artist  
this is jingle from the old Leatherface website circa '97
2-2 Anthem Red -- Plebs  
JO SNYDER continues to tour solo, plays in VAG HALEN and more, SARAH SANGSTER has a brand new band called__
2-3 Kover -- Wax Lyrical
RYAN MILLS plays solo and became HIJACK DELTA, new band is PILE HIGH, NEIL played in THE NORTH, JAYE went to CANCER BATS
2-4 Four Dumb Kids  
2-5 Nothing In Common
not sure what they are doing
2-6 Tiltwheel
DAVEY plays in INTERNATIONAL DIPSHIT, DAN PADILLA and TOO MANY DAVES and I think a Satanac Xmas metal band? JWANG plays in DAN PADILLA and SHALLOW CUTS. PAUL TRASH drummed with OFF WITH THEIR HEADS for a min and had a baby.
2-7 Drunk
Roger's new band is DANGER!MAN, from OSLO
2-8 Radon  
RADON played their last show a dozen more times and i think there is new stuff coming.
2-9 Sinkin' Ships  
CACTUS VELLA plays solo and in the WHISKY HEARTS collective, NAOMI and MIKE have a new band called BATTERY HEART and played their first show last week. I jammed with MARK one time and we have a few riffs.
2-10 Zwei Tage : Ohne Schnupftabak
GLUFKE is continuing to photograph beer around the world. ZTShockedS still plays
2-11 Rentokill
I think rentokill put out another LP then ended
2-12 Madstateworld
TOM MESS is touring solo all over the place
2-13 Driveway Speeding
JEZ played in WE THE DROWNED, made an EP and I think that ended, anyone heard from TIM?
2-14 Vena Cava  
ended for years, and only recently played some shows again. I think APRIL and COREY are each in new bands, PAT drummed for TILTWHEEL for a while
2-15 Erase Today
ANDY HIGGINS continues to write, produce, runs JustSayNoToGovernmentMusic, and recently ran for a regional political position, on a positive football platform.  
2-16 Steady State
TIM plays in TINY TORTURES and Anthony started another band.
2-17 Four Letter Word  
made a couple more albums, WELLY continues to write, produce ARTCORE mag and blog, yells in STATE FUNERAL
2-19 For The Day
I don't know what is up with for the day
2-21 2 Pump Louie
They were dead when the tribute was made. Became SINKIN' SHIPS, THE FALLOUT and MAXIMUM RNR
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Re: Leatherface Tribute (Where are they now?)
Reply #1 - 05/27/15 at 12:52:36
Time to show off how terrible my memory is...
1-1. Andrew and I think Matt from ADITF are in a new band now. Can't recall the name.
1-14. Davey was living in Athens, GA and in a band with the drummer from All Night Drug Prowling Wolves. Now he's back in Sunderland and hopefully the weather won't kill the plans to end the indefinite FCM hiatus.  
2-5. Nothing In Common broke up not long after the tribute came out. Lisse was writing some solo acoustic stuff a few years ago. No idea what any of them are up to now.
2-13. Driveway Speeding were talking of doing a song for the upcoming BROCCOLI tribute. No idea if it's going to happen. Haven't heard from Tim since the last time I saw him at Fest years and years ago.
2-19. For The Day broke up about a year after the tribute too. Their singer Marc started a rockabilly band or something. Can't recall the name but I think they're still around. Karsten (drummer) was in an Oi! band but no idea if he or anyone else is playing at the moment.
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Re: Leatherface Tribute (Where are they now?)
Reply #2 - 05/27/15 at 13:33:07
I just tried to *like* your post  
where is the like button  Shocked
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Re: Leatherface Tribute (Where are they now?)
Reply #3 - 05/27/15 at 13:33:58
where am I?!?
what year is this!??
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Re: Leatherface Tribute (Where are they now?)
Reply #4 - 05/28/15 at 16:39:22
It's 1984.
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