Terrorist - Suicide - Killer Love - Genocide
from the Hung Drawn And Quartered lp
Peel Sessions at HDQ myspace

9/15/09 Rob has been doing a lot of updates to the HDQ myspace since I handed him the reigns. You should already know that Boss Tuneage has been doing reissues too! And on some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

5/5/06 After discovering a Jones cdr that's been sitting on my shelf for nearly three YEARS I decided to put them on my latest playlist. Since you're reading this here you should already know that Golly and Dickie were in The Jones... So go listen to In Between here.

4/18/06 Believe from HDQ's best release (in my opinion at least...) is on my latest playlist here. I have tons of updates lined up for here too but I keep distracting myself with other, probably less important, things!

2/4/06 I filled in a little info on the related bands page with help from Scumville. Most of those links just have small discographies but in most cases that's ALL there is on the net! Still haven't heard back from Rob but hopefully it won't be long. I just asked Sean Forbes to have a look here too. And I just noticed Pyley signed the guestbook...cool! My notifications must be turned off...

1/15/06 I deleted that worthless HDQ yahoo group. What's the point when they won't even let people upload mp3s anymore?! So I made them a myspace page the other day and just uploaded the Peel Session mp3s that I've been talking about for a year! The link is above. Gonna see if Rob Bewick wants to take it over too. And if he can send in some new stuff for this here site. After rediscovering HDQ the other day I'm itching to do some updates here! Oh...and I put Falling from the Believe 7" on my latest playlist here.

10/12/05 I just found an old flyer. You know where to look.

8/22/05 I was hoping to get more info from the new Scumville site! I saw a bunch of compilations listed there but there weren't any with track lists that are missing here. There was one I didn't know about before though. I did finally put up the comp reissue that Mike told me about months and months ago. I know there was a correction he told me about too but I've lost that to senility now! I'm going to redo the discog page here soon. I need to get Rob Bewick to go over it with me bit by bit before I start... Why hasn't anyone signed the guestbook yet?!

4/9/05 Finally here's the HDQ dvd cover Mike made for the video that was on Punk Torrents months and months ago. There's a typo I'm supposed to fix too but there's about 50 emails to search through to find it.

1/4/05 Let's see...there's track lists for the Spleurk, Airstrip One, and Crisis Point comps plus a pic for the last one that Mike sent about a week ago. And the Sinking alternate cover that Rob sent. I'm forgetting something...

1/2/05 Both Mike and Angela have tried to upload the Peel Session to the group but yahoo refuses to take anything right now! I can email them to anyone that's dying for it. But I'll have a much better recording of that and a bunch of other stuff from Rob soon. He sent a couple of scans that I haven't put up yet. Got a track list or two from Mike a few days ago too. I've been sidetracked with other stuff (mostly the j-punk site) but I should have an update tomorrow.

12/22/04 I started an HDQ group and there might be their second Peel Session up by the end of the day. They're ready to go but uploading takes a while.

12/16/04 I just typed up the Back To Nowhere interview that Billyboy sent me yesterday. And if this site was acting wierd yesterday that was from some new java I tried that didn't work for shit.

11/13/04 Made a guestbook, put a flyer up, finished what little I have on the comps, everything else I have for the discog, and did the related bands, links, and lyrics pages. I think that does it for now! Rob Bewick emailed me today saying he has oodles of HDQ flyers and stuff so there's much more to come. Billyboy has an interview he'll send in soon too! The discog and related pages still need alot of work but it's alot easier when people can see what I have already.

11/12/04 Daniel sent me about 20 scans so I put most of the discog and comps pages together and did a design.