This is up here for reference purposes. Alot of these records are long out of print now.
But if anyone can fill in some blanks or missing images please feel free!

v/a: Too Late To Kiss The Truth... A Tribute To Snuff 7"
snuff-001 (1993) deleted

Slimefisher: Here Is Someone Like You 7"
snuff-002 (1993) deleted

God's Guts: s/t 7"
snuff-003 deleted

Ron Ron Clou/Samantha's Favourite split 7"
snuff-004 deleted

Milk Cow: s/t 7"
snuff-005 deleted

Registrators: Set Me Free 7"
snuff-006 deleted

Slimefisher: s/t 7"
snuff-007 deleted

v/a: Not Superstitious 1 7"
snuff-008 (1994) deleted

Hi Standard: In The Brightly Moonlight 7"
snuff-009 (1994) deleted

Blow One's Cool 7"
snuff-010 unreleased

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Nails Of Hawaiian/J Church split 7"
snuff-011 (1994) deleted

v/a: Somehow It Don't Bother Me... A Tribute To Snuff 2 7"
snuff-012 (1994) deleted

v/a: Not Superstitious 2 7"
snuff-013 (1994) deleted

Next Style/Wise Up split 7"
snuff-014 (1994) deleted

Lovemen/Exit Condition split 7"
snuff-015 (1994) deleted

God's Guts: s/t 7"
snuff-016 deleted

Sprocket Wheel/Goober Patrol split 7"
snuff-017 deleted

International Jet Set: International Jet Set 7"
snuff-018 deleted

Registrators: Just Wanna Kill Everything 7"
snuff-019 deleted

v/a: Not Superstitious 3 7"
snuff-020 deleted

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Samantha's Favourite/Skimmer split 7"
snuff-021 (1995) deleted

Sherbet: Let's Go Get 'Em 7"
snuff-022 deleted

Husking Bee: Start Your Engine 7"
snuff-023 deleted

v/a: Not Superstitious 4 7"
snuff-024 deleted

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International Jet Set/Broccoli split 7"
snuff-025 (1996) deleted

Navel/Travis Cut split 7"
snuff-026 (1996) deleted

Ran: John Says 7"
snuff-027 (1996)

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Sprocket Wheel/Less Than Jake split 7"
snuff-028 (1996) deleted

Cigaretteman/Discount split 7"
snuff-029 (1996) deleted

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Lovemen/Hooton 3 Car split 7"
snuff-030 (1997) deleted

Blew/Chopper split 7"
snuff-031 (1997) deleted

Just One Day/Eversor split 7"
snuff-032 (1997) deleted

Stand Still/Wall split 7"
snuff-033 (1997) deleted

Registrators: 4 Vibrate 7"
snuff-034 (1997) deleted

Blew/Boy Named Sue split 7"
snuff-035 (1997) deleted

Blew/Cards In Spokes split 7"
snuff-036 (1997) deleted

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Rail/Wisher split 7"
snuff-037 (1997) deleted

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Screaming Fat Rat/Hooton 3 Car split 7"
snuff-038 (1998) deleted

Spraypaint/Ann Beretta split 7"
snuff-039 (1998) deleted

The Urchin: First Recording By The Band Using The Old Weapon 7"
snuff-040 (1998) deleted

My Winter Jane/Discount split 7"
snuff-041 (1998) deleted

Navel/Skimmer split 7"
snuff-042 (December 1998) deleted

Lovemen/Eversor split 7"
snuff-043 (1999) deleted

Three Minute Movie/Braid split 7"
snuff-044 (1999) deleted

The Urchin/The Thumbs split 7"
snuff-045 (1999) deleted

Cradle To Grave: Cradle To Grave 7"
snuff-046 (1999) deleted

Screaming Fat Rat/Hot Water Music split 7"
snuff-047 (1999) deleted

Snatcher/Annalise split 7"
snuff-048 (1999) deleted

hover over cover for alternate B side

The Urchin/The 'Tone split 7"
snuff-049 (1999) deleted

Cigaretteman: Girl 7"
snuff-050 (2000) deleted

8 Roof/Screaming Fat Rat split 7"
snuff-051 (2000)

Registrators: Imagination World 7"
snuff-052 (2000) deleted

Oval/Tiltwheel split 7"
snuff-053 (2000) deleted

Navel/The T.V. Dinners split 7"
snuff-054 (2000) deleted

My Winter Jane/Shonben split 7"
snuff-055 (2000)

This World Is Mine/The Miles Apart split 7"
snuff-056 (2000) deleted

I Excuse/Manifesto Jukebox split 7"
snuff-057 (summer 2001) deleted

Pear Of The West/Servo split 7"
snuff-058 (2001) deleted

hover over cover for alternate B side

Minority Blues Band/J Church split 7"
snuff-059 (May 2001) deleted

Longball To No-One/Southport split 7"
snuff-060 (2001)

Bottledirt/Superchinchillarescuemission split 7"
snuff-061 (2001)

One Leaf/The Thumbs split 7"
snuff-062 (2001) deleted

One Leaf/The Urchin split 7"
snuff-063 (2002)

hover over cover for alternate B side

Zero Fast/Shotwell split 7"
snuff-064 (2002)

Baggage/The Tim Version split 7"
snuff-065 (February 2003)

Practice: Fight Back 7"
snuff-066 (2003) deleted

Minority Blues Band/Manifesto Jukebox split 7"
snuff-067 (March 2004)

Practice: More Practice 7"
snuff-068 (2004)

Three Minute Movie/The Miles Apart split 7"
snuff-069 (2004)

Practice/Smalltown split 7"
snuff-070 (2004)

Pear Of The West: Stupid Game 7"
snuff-071 (2004) deleted

Minotity Blues Band/Blocko split 7"
snuff-072 (May 2004)

Blotto: Bang Up Your Chair 7"
snuff-073 (2005) deleted

Three Minute Movie/Annalise split 7"
snuff-074 (2005)

Driftage: Paint It Black 7"
snuff-075 (2005)

The Because/The Dauntless Elite split 7"
snuff-076 (2005) deleted

Blotto/Altaira split 7"
snuff-077 (2005) deleted

Deeds Not Words/Exit split 7"
snuff-078 (2005) deleted

I Excuse/Whiskey Sunday split 7"
snuff-079 (2005) deleted

I Excuse/The Tim Version split 7"
snuff-080 (2005) deleted

Blotto/The Because split 7"
snuff-081 (2005) deleted

The Urchin/Anti Justice split 7"
snuff-082 (2005) deleted

v/a: ...As Time Goes By... 7"
snuff-083 (2005) deleted

The Tim Version: Know When To Fold 'Em 7"
snuff-083.5 (2006) deleted

Blotto/Modern Machines split 7"
snuff-084 (2006) deleted

Anti Justice/Chinese Telephones split 7"
snuff-085 (September 2006) deleted

Pear Of The West: In The Dark 7"
snuff-086 (September 2006) deleted

The Crump: Leave Home 7"
snuff-087 (September 2006)

Navel/Fifth Hour Hero split 7"
snuff-088 deleted

Gleam Garden: Still Burning 7"

The Because/One Reason split 7"
snuff-090 (2007) deleted

The Crump/Smalltown split 7"
snuff-091 (2007)

Gleam Garden: In The One Sided World 7"
snuff-092 (2007)

Blotto/Drunken Boat split 7"
snuff-093 (2007)

Practice/Off With Their Heads split 7"
snuff-094 (2007) deleted

Blotto/Off With Their Heads split 7"
snuff-095 (2007) deleted

Gleam Garden/Dan Padilla split 7"
snuff-096 (2007)

Outnauts/Giant Haystacks split 7"
snuff-097 (2007)

Comeonfeel: Red Heart Beat 7"
snuff-098 (2007)

The Miscasts: Days Of Losing Tickets 7"
snuff-010 (098.5) (2007)

The Measure [sa]/Blotto split 7"
snuff-099 (2008)


The Crump/Shyboy split 7"
snuff-101 (2008)

The Miscasts/Driftage split 7"
snuff-102 (2008)

Gleam Garden/Browntrout split 7"
snuff-103 (2008)

Loser X: Underground Idiots 7"
snuff-104 (2008)


Blotto/Ringers split 7"
snuff-106 (2008)

Your Pest Band: Your Pest Vinyl 7"
snuff-107 (2008)

Guns 'n' Wankers: s/t cd
smile-001 (1994) deleted

v/a: The Best Punk Rock In England, Son cd
smile-002 (1994) deleted

Annalise: Fettered cd
smile-003 (1995) deleted

Blew: Accident cd
smile-004 deleted

Nails Of Hawaiian cd
smile-005 deleted

Lovemen: December cd
smile-006 (1996) deleted

Pope: JohnPaulGeorgeRingo cd
smile-007 (1996) deleted

v/a: Ultimate Slow Beats cd
smile-008 (1996) deleted

v/a: The Best Punk Rock In England, Man cd
smile-009 (1996) deleted

v/a: A Tribute To Stiff Little Fingers 3" cd
smile-010 deleted

J Church: You Think You're Cool cd
smile-011 (1997) deleted

v/a: Bullshit Detector cd
smile-012 (December 1997) deleted

Blew: You're Not The Only One cd
smile-013 (1997) deleted

v/a: Our Cards cd
smile-014 (1997) deleted

Lovemen: Children Eat A Nightmare cd
smile-015 (1998) deleted

Just One Day: s/t cd
smile-016 (1998) deleted

Skimmer: Compitoenail cd
smile-017 (1998) deleted

Broccoli: Home cd
smile-018 (1998) deleted

Screaming Fat Rat: 5 Songs 3" cd
smile-019 (1998) deleted

Navel: Uneasy cd
smile-020 (1998) deleted

Wall: A Silent Voice Wanders The Sea Of Contradiction cd
smile-021 deleted

Travis Cut: Another Day, Another Drummer cd
smile-022 (1999) no UK deleted

J Church: Slanted cd
smile-023 (1999) deleted

v/a: Tour 1999 3" cd
smile-024 (1999) deleted

v/a: The Best Punk Rock In England, My Friend cd
smile-025 (1999) deleted

The Urchin: Fragile Songs in Lukewarm Dreams cd
smile-026 (1999) deleted

Screaming Fat Rat: Nothing Stands The Pressure... cd
smile-027 (1999)

Fun People: The Crossover Sudamerican Histories... cd
smile-028 deleted

The Urchin: Another Day, Another Sorry State cd
smile-029 (2000) deleted

Three Minute Movie: Rhythm Of Wind And Water cd
smile-030 (2000)

Snatcher: Last Yell First Cry cd
smile-031 (2000) deleted

Screaming Fat Rat: Idiomatic Breakdown cd
smile-032 (2001)

8 Roof: Yeah! If You Can't Win cd
smile-033 (2001)

Navel: 1994-1999 cd
smile-034 (March 2001) deleted

The 'Tone: Here's Another Reason... cd
smile-035 (2002)

Three Minute Movie: Another Night, Exchanged Letter cd
smile-036 (2002)

Annalise: Versus Everything cd
smile-037 (2002) deleted

I Excuse: Burn The Empty To The Ash cd
smile-038 (2002)

Pear Of The West: This Means Little Resistance... cd
smile-039 (2002) deleted

v/a: I Hope the End is Always the Beginning cd
smile-40 (2002)

Minotity Blues Band: Grab The Fire Swinging In The Rain cd
smile-041 (October 2002)

Three Minute Movie: The Film Reflects A Dramatic City cd
smile-042 (winter 2002)

I Excuse: ...Is Dead cd
smile-043 (August 2003)

Longball To No-One: The Little Boy Picked Up A Rock... cd
smile-044 (2003) deleted

Minority Blues Band: Capitalized Suffering cd
smile-045 (November 2003) deleted

The Phoenix Foundation: We Need To Make Some Changes 3" cd
smile-046 (June 2004) japan only

Smalltown: The First Three Years cd
smile-047 (2004) deleted

Smalltown: The Music cd
smile-048 (2004) deleted

J Church: Seishun Zankoku Monogatari cd
smile-049 (2004)

Navel: Depend cd
smile-050 (2004)

v/a: The Bastards Can't Dance - A tribute to Leatherface cd
smile-051 (2005)

Off With Their Heads: All Is Not Well cd
smile-052 deleted

Blotto: Singles Collection 2004-2007 cd
smile-053 (2007)