9/15/09 I'll be seeing my first live Japanese band next week when Brown Trout comes to town! My record label will be releasing a split with Her Spectacles sometime near the end of the year too. And on some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

12/9/08 I just did a small update to the Snuffy Smile catalogue. I'll also be able to add pictures to a lot more of them if I can get this old scanner I got for free to work! Also I'm trying to complete my Snuffy collection. Please see the thread on my forum.

1/2/08 It's been so long since I updated anything that you all probably thought I was dead... Almost but not quite! You'll be happy to know that I updated the Snuffy Smile(s) catalogue for the first time in forever and it's as up to date as it's ever been. With all 100 of the 7"s and the whole two new cd's that have been released since the last update. There's much more to come so check back!

8/31/06 I got another batch of record covers and flyers from Naohiko! Some news too. Snuffy Smile will be starting back up soon... Probably as Snuffy Smiles. There's some new 7"s in the work at least. You can see at the bottom of my Snuffy Smile catalogue. Yoichi was here in the states with Blotto when they toured a little while back. And I don't think I ever mentioned it here but Longball To No-One found a new drummer after Graeme moved back to the UK so their splitting up was short lived. Their second album will be out in September on Anti-New Waves Records.

8/28/06 Keep forgetting about this one! You can listen to a clip of The Urchin's cover for 1-2-3-4 Go!'s Replacement tribute here. And I stumbled upon a Lovemen video on youtube last week.

8/21/06 Wailing Dance by I Excuse is on my latest playlist now. Can you believe that's the first j-punk song so far!?

7/22/06 Liam just uploaded his Snuffy Smile videos to youtube so I could free up some space on my server. All the links are on the mp3s page. Look at the top to see how to download them too!

6/9/06 Wow! It's been three MONTHS since an update already?! I typed up a bunch of comp track lists that Sean and Kei sent me a while back. I'm not sure on countries for a few of them and there were no tracks listed for Our Cards (I don't have the tracks for To The Bitter End either while I'm at it!) so fill me in if you can. I also put up an I Excuse demo tape that Kei sent and typed up the lyrics for The Urchin's 'Tone split 7" that I just got! Too bad my record player is busted... I thought my Snuffy Smile catalogue would have been nearly finished already. If anyone's scanning more covers I'm ready anytime you are! This site is getting pretty complicated now too. So if anyone notices little errors like information's right on one page but still missing on another please let me know.

3/8/06 Kei just put the Blotto video up here. It was filmed by his friend Teppei Ueno who also edited the Peace Of Bread and Malegoat vids that were just up. And I've been doing alot of downloading from the old mp3 blogs this week. If you're interested in stuff like The Stalin and Lipcream go check out 7inchpunk.

2/28/06 Kei put up some Peace Of Bread and Malegoat videos...back by popular demand. They're only going to be there for a week so hurry up if you want to download them. The stuff is pro! See the special page at West Tokyo Thrasherz Radio. He's going to put Blotto up next week!

2/20/06 A few more album covers from Naohiko. He told me about a Japanese blog that writes about Snuffy Smile 7"s too. Check out Trash! Trash! Trash!.

2/19/06 I put some javascript on the Snuffy Smile catalogue. So if you hover over the split 7" covers that have a different B side you can see the alternate too. And I put Browntrout and Peace Of Bread's myspace links on the j-punk page.

2/18/06 Even more Snuffy Smile covers from Kei BPIE and the missing Urchin ones. I put up his Best Punk In England and West Tokyo Thrasherz Radio links too. And I did an update to the compilations page.

2/16/06 Rob from Whiskey Sunday told me there's a bunch of pictures from the Japanese tour on their website. Yusuke sent me the track list for the As Time Goes By... 7". Mogura told me The Urchin has a song on the upcoming 1-2-3-4 GO! Replacements tribute and they have an interview in issue #30 of Razorcake. And I got a bunch of new scans for the Snuffy Smile catalogue from Naohiko.

2/10/06 I just heard that Blotto is doing the Plan-It-X fest here in July. I'll post tour dates on the forum when I get them. They're going to record some new song for a split with the Modern Machines in April too. Mike AGNS filled in the rest of the countries on the Killed By Crackle! comp. Also I got a few more Snuffy listings from Naohiko and started adding cover art to the catalogue! It's very close to complete!!!

2/9/06 Ok I think I really have done everything with the information I already had now. I filled all the gaps I could on the Snuffy Smile catalogue - noticing a few things that were missing between the band pages in the process. If anyone can help to fill out the rest of the catalogue...please feel free! Send in scans too if you want. And any track lists for the compilations on there. And I changed the font yet again....I'm happy with it now!

2/8/06 I've finally completed the massive revamp/update that I've been wanting to do here forever! Most noticably the font is different. I added the country to the bands on the compilation pages...since alot of them aren't exclusively Japanese. Thanks Mat Rabbit and Andy CZ. There's still just a few listed up there so send me more! And I added credits for everone on the photos page and stole four old I Excuse pictures Monk Dave has up. So if anyone has more cover art/info/BIOs for the band pages, pictures, flyers, interviews, reviews, lyrics... Send me an email!

2/4/06 There's four new album covers up now. I got one Screaming Fat Rat from Chimpo and a Blotto and two I Excuse covers from Naohiko in Japan! I love it when Japanese people email me. They're so polite. He also told me that I Excuse and Spraypaint broke up, Yoichi is in Kyoto now, and about a very good video from a band called Browntrout. You can download it at Senseless Records.

12/15/05 So much stuff I've been meaning to put up forever! Let's see if I can remember it all... There's some pics of The Urchin in Atlanta up. My friend Mike sent them in. They played just 30 miles away from me but I missed it...grr!! But anyway... They have a myspace page now. The link is on their j-punk page. What else...there's a new distro here in the States that carries some j-punk stuff. The Urchin, 1000Travels Of Jawaharlal, I Excuse... See Network Of Friends on the links page. And Yoichi is calling it quits with Snuffy Smile soon. Hopefully it won't be for too long!

10/11/05 Liam just posted the link to a 1000Travels Of Jawaharlal video on the forum. I kept forgetting to say that Blotto has a Myspace page now too.

9/5/05 I found my old I Excuse interview last night! We never finished the thing but it's better than nothing... Read it on my fanzine here.

9/4/05 Naohiko from Yokohama sent in two new flyers and a Zero Fast cover the other day! I've tried to reply to his email twice but it keeps bouncing for some reason. So I'll just say thanks here. No worries on your English there either. I barely speak at an elementary school level myself..haha!! And don't be shy about sending in more flyers my Japanese friends!

8/21/05 A couple of little updates for you. An old I Excuse review I found in an issue of Unfit For Consumption. I managed to get a copy of the extremely rare Not Superstitious 7". See the info on the compilations page. Expect a review if I ever get a new stylus for my turntable! And I found another cool Japanese site while looking in my referrers list the other day. See j-punk.com on the links page.

8/9/05 Graeme got bored and made a Longball To No-One/ Broccoli/ Shonben myspace page. There's an mp3 for each of the bands including Longball's Leatherface cover from the Snuffy tribute.

7/14/05 While searching for myself on google today (I get bored sometimes!) I found a track list for the Snuffy Leatherface tribute cd. You can find it on the compilations page. I have still to hear this but it's looking badass from the track list!!!

7/12/05 Was just talking to Graeme today. Since he moved back to the UK Longball To No-One decided to call it a day. They formed a new band with the original Lovemen drummer and One Leaf's guitarist. They have three songs so far but no name for the band. I heard some new Happening tracks the other day too. Good stuff!

7/6/05 I started talking to Rob from Vine Hell distro yesterday. They carry alot of Snuffy Smile stuff here in the states...check the links page. He tells me that his band Whiskey Sunday is doing a split with I Excuse soon and they're going to Japan for a tour in September. Rob sent me the tour dates so I posted them on the forum. Oh and the new Blotto/Altaira split is out now.

6/26/05 Laim IMed me earlier to say he made a myspace page for The Happening. The rest of you Snuffy Smile bands need to make pages on there too! That is if you can afford computers...

6/7/05 Angela ripped some mp3s from Liam's video clips. Since the files are so small I put them all up on the mp3 page. And they're all zip files so my bandwidth won't get killed by streamers. Oh yeah...those mp3s will probably make your media player a little sluggish. But it's better than nothing!

6/6/05 Liam sent me another video that me made the other night. It's The Because doing a Jawbreaker cover. If anyone wants send me an email and I'll forward it. I also uploaded an Urchin video that he sent a while back. You can download it from the mp3 page.

5/10/05 You might want to check out this site - Tokyo Damage Report. It's by an american guy that moved to Tokyo...some funny stuff there. I'm putting that on the links page too. Also with the upcoming Hard Skin tour here's an interview. And if anyone has recordings from the Leatherface tour please get in touch!

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