4/15/05 Just found a review of Blotto's new 7" over at Collective Zine. I learned that they'll be doing a split with Altaira on Snuffy Smile soon too. And Altaira is going to Japan to do a tour with Blotto and I Excuse. Info on their site I'm sure.

4/9/05 There's a bunch of new j-punk reviews of mine over on the zine. And I typed up an old Everything Falls Apart I Excuse review. Seems I had more stuff to put up here... Oh Brian in Japan sent me the link to his gig photos site! Go to I Love To Sleep In Vomit on the links page. There's some good stuff in there and maybe he'll update once more people start hitting it. I put the Longball To No-One video clip back up too.

2/3/05 I just finished up an interview with Longball To No-One's Graeme Gilmour less than an hour ago. Go to the zine and give it a read!

2/2/05 I had to take down the Urchin mp3 and Longball video since they're devouring my bandwidth. I found a pic of the Lovemen's December cd too. And if anyone is wanting to link directly to any of the j-punk band pages they're all on my zine's links page.

1/31/05 I got more snuffy records in the mail today. So there's a scan of the SFR/8roof split up now. Forgot to mention that Dave updated the Newest Industry I Excuse page the other day too.

1/22/05 I just heard from Yusuke Blotto. Lots of news with them! Their new 7" recently got reviewed in MRR and Razorcake. If anyone has those please send them in so I can put them up. There may be a new split 7" on Snuffy Smile soon...possibly with The Urchin? You should remember the Blotto/Urchin tour is coming up in a few months. And the first full length Blotto cd will be out on Anti-New Waves later on this year. Anyone in Yokohama needs to go see Zero Fast tonight too. But don't ask me what time that is since there's a 13 hour difference between here and Japan.

1/16/05 I got a bunch of out of print Snuffy stuff from Rabbit Records yesterday! So there's updates on the Lovemen and Urchin pages. There's new lyrics from both of them too. But The 'Tone split didn't have any lyrics.

1/15/05 The Zero Fast page is up now. I typed up the lyrics from the Shotwell split and Snuffy comp too.

1/14/05 I just put up a new 1000Travels Of Jawaharlal page. There will be a Zero Fast one soon too. Oh and I found a Life Indicator link.

1/13/05 Pigdog Records Russell is having a sale to clear out all his old distro stock. There's tons of great j-punk stuff in there and most only have 1 or 2 copies left. So act fast! His instructions are at the bottom of the distro list.

1/11/05 I just heard back from Masahisa, the guy from the Your Choice Lovemen page that I forgot to mention when I found it. There was a compilation video listed on his page that has the Lovemen and a bunch of other great bands on it. Not surprisingly it's very rare and expensive now! So if I can manage to workout a trade for a copy I'll rip it to vcd and get it up on Punk Torrents for everyone. Oh yeah...and a Strange Over The Sun link! And some I Excuse reviews on my zine.

1/10/05 I got a bunch of Snuffy Smile stuff in the mail yesterday. So there's better scans of some covers and Longball's Southport split lyrics are up. There's a bunch of lyrics in the last Snuffy comp but I'll do them later. Expect to see a bunch of reviews in the near future too!

1/6/05 Mat got bored at work today so he told me Field Of Darkness is a Pegboy cover. I'll put the lyrics up once I find some that aren't mixed in with tabs. Me, lazy? Nah!

1/4/05 I got a scan of The Urchin's Fragile Songs lyrics from Angela. Field Of Darkness was missing so I guess it could be a cover song? She sent the cover scan of that from yesterday too.

1/3/05 Yes yet another Urchin update! Also found more old Collective Zine reviews for everything but Longball To No-0ne. I put up Imomushi and Squirrel Fox links too.

1/2/05 I got an Urchin and Zero Fast 7" in the mail today. So I typed up The Urchin's lyrics for here. I think I'm going to do a Zero Fast page sometime too. That was the first time I heard them and they're really good!

12/31/04 Just noticed I have the Lovemen's lyrics from the Hooton 3 Car split. So I typed them up real quick.

12/30/04 I just found a bunch of old Lovemen reviews plus some Longball To No-One and Urchin ones.

12/29/04 I was updating the Snuffy Catalogue when Mat sent me almost all the missing info. So that's up now. There's a few things that don't seem to fit though. That updates the Lovemen and SFR pages too.

12/24/04 There's a new mp3s page now that includes a video clip of Longball To No-One that Liam from the Happening made about 4 months ago. I forgot to ask Spalding if he was cool with the live MBB mp3s I put up too so hopefully he's cool with it.

12/23/04 Google finally picked up my link. But only the j-PUNK Chronicles strange.

12/22/04 I just typed up the lyrics to the Longball To No-One cd. Graffiti's words only had the Japanese version in the notes though. I did Blotto's World Today split cd too.

12/17/04 If anyone can identify this Urchin song I'll put the whole set up at 128kbs.

12/9/04 You can find the 2005 Leatherface Japan tour dates on the forum now. I'm sure alot will change between now and April.

12/8/04 It seems my new email address isn't working! I can send email but it's not recieving any. ....ok I'm just a dumbass that wasn't logging in right.

12/2/04 A new name for a new server. This site is geared towards j-punk in general now instead of being the un-official I Excuse site. The major new addition is a compilations page, an upgraded links page with distros etc, and the lyric and article pages have frames and drop-down menus now. I also have a new AIM and email address.

11/8/04 Finally put up the Lovemen pics Graeme sent me ages ago. They've been ready for months but I kept forgetting!

10/18/04 The Urchin's Masa emailed me today. He'll write up a little history for us sometime soon!

10/14/04 I put Blotto's history up finally. They'll be on tour with The Urchin this winter too.

10/4/04 I just heard from Yusuke. Blotto finished recording their new five song 7" for Snuffy Smile. It may be out already.

9/28/04 Another Japanese vid comp on punk torrents.

9/24/04 I got a j-core and Lipcream vcds from Steffen the other day. And this site has been getting a huge amount of hits lately. Also I accidentally hit the "Discard All Incoming Mail" button on my mailbox the other day. Sorry if you got mailbox does exist! I didn't unclick that so it must have fixed itself....

9/22/04 A Stalin video is on punk torrents.

9/20/04 Well I just got an email from Yoichi...I Excuse is gone for good. But they'll have a new band going sometime soon, hopefully. Seems to be a good thing that I diversified this site some!
.........or maybe they are keeping the name? And Billyboy just put up some Minority Blues Band pics from the UK tour.

9/8/04 ....and there's a Stalin torrent up there (if it's still seeded).

9/7/04 There's a Japanese hardcore video on punk torrents now. You may need to ask for a reseed already though. And if anyone wants to trade a cdr of it let me know. That place is just a huge tease to me with dialup! Someone just posted a Lipcream vid from 98 there too.

9/5/04 I just heard from Champ so I can confirm that the rumors are true...he quit the band. The Blocko/MBB tour was the last for him. But he thinks the band will stay together. And everyone is still good friends. I'll let you know more as soon as I do.

8/24/04 A flyer from Broccoli's 96 Japanese tour is up now.

8/13/04 There's a Blotto page now and a review of them on the Shipyards zine.

8/11/04 I have a new email address so everyone update your address books.

8/10/04 I found more info for the Snuffy catalogue and started putting comp lists on the j-punk pages.

8/8/04 A whole bunch of new Lovemen, Urchin, and SFR covers from Andy and an Urchin from Giles.

8/4/04 Can't Decide #3 will be out in about a week. The interview with Graeme from Longball To No-One is in it.

7/31/04 Andy from Collective Zine sent me a some updates for the Snuffy catalogue, Lovemen discog, and a link to the now defunct j-punk Project site. He's sending a bunch of scans soon too.

7/24/04 I keep finding more j-punk links scattered all over my comp.

7/23/04 See Graeme's Broccoli Japanese tour pics on my Broccoli site. There's pics with the Lovemen etc.

7/22/04 I put a couple more links to bands that actually have websites on the j-punk page. There will be a Blotto page and some Lovemen pics that Graeme sent me when I get around to it.

7/17/04 Many updates coming today...nearly all from Angus. First there's covers for 5 Songs and the Lovemen/H3C split. Second I made a seperate flyers page with 2 new ones I found and 2 BA sent me. Lastly on the photos page SFR 4 and 5 were in their hometown and the Lovemen pic was Bun's birthday in Tokyo.

7/7/04 I found some Longball and SFR mp3s on Pigdog's site last night....linked on their pages.

7/2/04 Since I find myself using this more and more, if anyone can fill in some gaps on this Snuffy Smile Catalogue I'd appreciate it.

7/1/04 I just found two more I Excuse mp3s on FND's distro page [and they link to this site!]. I noticed that the Longball page didn't work right on IE either so I fixed that. I also linked up my Urchin page...but I haven't finished going through all the google listings yet.

6/29/04 Graeme's freshly written Longball history is now up. And I made a j-punk forum just for this site.

6/28/04 I just got hold of Graeme from Longball. He sent me an mp3 link and a Razorcake review that will be up shortly [on the articles page]. He said they're working on a new album too.
....even more still! Graeme told me about a Scrumpy Hack interview [which is linked], I know the lineup now, another album added to the discog, he'll write a bio on Longball, and he said it's ok to put his email up for a contact!
Graeme is QUICK!! He just sent me a Can't Decide interview that you can find on the articles page. Good job on it Phil!

6/22/04 I found a little more SFR info while cleaning out my mailbox.

6/20/04 I put up a whole bunch of distro links and some reviews and stuff that I found the other day. It really helped once I added the words "Snuffy Smile" to a google search!

6/14/04 Found some more stuff on Longball. It really helped once I spelled their name right!!! And I redid the I Excuse discography.

6/13/04 I put up a little something on Long Ball To No-One. Now I don't claim to have ever heard them. But with it being the Lovemen's singer and Broccoli's drummer they can't be too bad.

6/12/04 Tomo told me a US tour is tentatively set for next year. I for one hope it doesn't fall through! He told me the name of the other Lovemen album too.

6/11/04 I've upgraded the photos page, put up some SFR pics that Angus sent me, and put up the only flyer I have. So please, please, PLEASE send me more flyers!

6/8/04 Got a little more SFR info from Yoichi. I should have some pictures of them to put up soon. Time to fix this site now. It should be all done within the day if yahoo clears out the old style sheet fast enough. I'm going to try and fix the gifs that don't quite match up too...but maybe not today. Ok so it was today. I put page anchors on the lyrics page while I was at it.

6/7/04 I just heard from Tomo so there's some news. Blocko is going to Japan to tour with I Excuse next month. They're planning on putting out a 7" soon too but nothing is set. When I asked about the Lovemen it turned out that's one of their favorite bands....but the song Children Eat Nightmare seems to be a coincidence. They play with the Lovemen singers' new band alot too. Long Ball To No-One.

6/3/04 Billyboy's interview is up now. You can get to it from the links or articles pages.

6/2/04 Some more info from the SFR discog is in the right order and he gave me all the pressing info for the Lovemen/Tone split.

6/1/04 A couple of Lovemen corrections from Sean. And Angela is hosting a Stalin mp3 on the j-punk page.

5/31/04 Billyboy just told me he'll put his I Excuse interview up on Threenote in about a week.

5/29/04 Some of the Screaming Fat Rat page is up now. The Lovemen's page too.

5/27/04 I just started a J-Punk page and I'll be starting with Screaming Fat Rat. I know next to nothing about this genre so record geeks be aware! Also the new Articles page. The only thing there so far is two Razorcake reviews that Stan sent me a long while back. I'll put Billyboy's interview from Everything Falls Apart up there too if he doesn't mind?

5/17/04 I made gifs of all my headers so everyone not on windows will have a better idea of what they're missing. I changed the navigation links to gif too and put in some java. On the chance that your browser doesn't support that java you can still use the old navigation page here. Now that I think about can access the html navigation by clicking on the "I Excuse" too.

4/20/04 Sorry I've had absolutely nothing to do here lately. Should I start an I Excuse yahoo group so people can post tour dates or something?

3/8/04 Hahaha!!!! The Newest Industry took my intro from here for their I Excuse page! This is getting wierd...

3/2/04 I put the updates in an iFrame since they're getting long now. You may have noticed I took the font notice off the start page too since it's useless for Macs...

2/26/04 The html is greatly simplified now...I'm sure you noticed already.

2/17/04 I finally got round to putting up a guestbook that actually allows fancy things like apostrophes in posts.

2/7/04 My I EXCUSE header is now a gif. Turns out bmps don't work on a mac!

2/2/04 New links for Lifetime and the Thumbs. I'm looking for flyers too if anyone has or knows where to find some.

1/18/04 The latest issue of Billyboy's Everything Falls Apart has an interview with I Excuse in it. Look to the links page. I believe there's another recent zine with I Excuse too but I forget which...

1/7/04 The pictures I Excuse sent me ages ago are now up. They were mostly taken by friends Minority Blues Band. Sorry I'm such a lazy bastard...

1/6/04 OK that stupid bar at the bottom is gone now. New pics are coming very very very soon too!

1/4/04 I made a start page for this site since it requires some pretty specific fonts to be viewed properly. And I'll fix this style sheet soon so that damn bar at the bottom of the page will go away!

1/3/04 I fixed the broken Combat Rock links.

1/1/04 Ah the first update of the new year. I typed in '03 the first time too! I put up links so all the IE influences I know of. I couldn't find anything for Skimmer or Fun People and Superchinchillarescuemission's site has been down ever since they broke up. If anyone knows more or better links for me to put up let me know. Let me know if the new font is too hard to read too. I'll keep playing with it. I fucking HATED the old one!!

12/28/03 Yes I know, the new pics. I'm about sick of photoshop after rebuilding my Leatherface discog. But I will do them soon...

12/8/03 Champ just emailed me some new pics. I'll put them up once I make some thumbs for them. He tells me one of their best friends bands has a link to me now too. So there's a Minority Blues Band link on that page now. There's also some review type stuff in the latest copy of Razorcake.

11/25/03 The lyrics are finally here!! Everything I have will be up by the end of the day.

11/23/03 I just heard from Phill about getting the lyrics. He was just in Prague so he forgot to send them. Soon!!!

11/22/03 The photo of I Excuse with Mates and his lady is on the photo page now.

11/21/03 This site is finally listed on Google. I know searching 'un-official I Excuse' makes me number one.

11/19/03 Tomo sent me a couple of photos. I'm not sure where to put the other one yet... If there's anything you want to ask I Excuse then go to the forum. I'm making a bio page or something.

11/18/03 That Newest Industry blurb adds to the home page.

11/17/03 Billyboy Threenote sent me some album covers and stuff. So the discog is getting close to done now. I took the Manifesto split re-issue cover from Assembly Line. So if anyone can get me a better scan, please do.

11/15/03 Some Snuffy catalog numbers from Yoichi.

11/14/03 There's now frames, a seperate discog page, and a hit counter. Also java for the full size pictures and it didn't dawn on me til last night that I could use a geocities guestbook. All I can say is, I can't get enough of the I Excuse cdr that I have. You're my fucking hero Phill!

11/13/03 Dave from Newest Industry tells me Assembly Line is the best place to order the Manifesto Jukebox split 7" re-release. They have "Burn..." too. That being said, I think there's enough for a seperate links page now.

11/12/03 I got an email from Tomo today. Maybe I can do an interview or something for here. Also heard from Yoichi at Snuffy Smile. At the least I'll put some Snuffy order info on here. They don't have a website. Also Jani from Manifesto Jukebox will send me anything he digs up!

11/11/03 Put links to every I Excuse mp3 and related site that I know of. And Mates sent me a bunch of photos, so I gave them a page.

11/10/03 This page was nothing but imagination.