Lookin At You and She Don't Know Why I'm Here
from L.A. Explosion on BOMP!

9/15/09 You've probably noticed that the new Last record has been sitting on the Owned & Operated website for over a year now... Will they ever set a release date for that?! On some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

9/12/06 Damn I haven't done anything here in 6 months, huh! Nearly Dead from the acoustic Joe 'n' Mike cd is on my new playlist.

3/10/06 My wonderful mix of senile and lazy has led me to forget mentioning that Withdrawal is on my current playlist here. But it will probably be on the previous' page before anyone notices it here! And The Last are playing at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park (northeast LA) on April 8th. It's "the O.G. Last" as Joe put's it.

12/30/05 The Last put a new song up on their myspace page a few days ago. Anyone that's seen them in the past few years should recognize it right off - Unreal Love. Dan updated the Last videos page for the first time in over a year too! There's links there to download if you want to. And I put another acoustic song on my media player a week ago.

11/20/05 I put a song from the Joe n Mike acoustic cd up on my media player. Hopefully Joe won't mind the free publicity! I'm gonna see about filling in some gaps around here soon too since so much craziness has finally come to an end. If anyone has pics of something from the "reunion" show a few months ago do get in touch!

9/7/05 Some gig news for you all. There's going to be an EARLY Last era reunion show on the 17th in LA. John Frank and Vitus retired from music 10 years ago so you know this will be something special! And the Urinals are playing too... Damn I wish I could have made that! You can read what Joe had to say about this on The Last thread on my forums music board.

9/3/05 The LAST fansite is back! You'd have to be an oldtimer to my site remember or even know why I took this down over a year ago. It all happened because of a few snot-nosed know it all's on The Last forum (you know who you are) and a completely indifferent moderator. Sorry Dan but it severely pissed me off when you refused to put an end to all of that bullshit! That was not cool. I can take a joke as well as anyone but petty 12 year old attitudes don't float with me one bit. Anyone that's seen me on my or the Newest Industry forum knows this. But after a long time of thinking about this and alot of shit that happened to me personally I finally decided it's time to put this site back up. I'm cool with Dan now as far as I'm concerned. I almost put this back up about six months ago but I read some of the shit-talk that was said after I left that forum and decided not! Now I could give a fuck what some cunts there have to say. The Last are one of my all-time favorite bands, I dig doing this fansite, and I've missed both alot! I've missed a few of my old friends from The Last forum too. You guys are more than welcome to join us here at x1984x. A 100% bullshit free zone where razor-sharp sarcasm and wit is the norm! We have alot of fun on my forum though it's usually not super-active. So, here we are again. The band that no one knows about but should! One of the biggest influences on the Descendents, another all-time fave of mine, and Bill and Karl have even joined up with The Last now...after saying the two groups should do something together for over 25 years. Hah! With that being the biggest news to come from Last land for the past year go to their myspace page to hear a song from that demo session. They've already recorded the new album but it's being shopped around at the moment. There's plenty of new things here now too but you'll just have to look around to find them! I'm sure that all of my old Last-friends will send in lots of updates for us. And of course this site has been completely redesigned from the old version that used to be up. I've learned alot of new tricks in the year or so that this was down! Pretty much just the basics are up right now so there's much more coming soon. I guess I've covered pretty much everything that I wanted to say. So welcome back! And check these guys out. You know it's a good band if I'm writing about them!

5/29/04 If you search google for "the Last fansite" it's listed as #1!

5/25/04 Avebury Records will be re-releasing the Warfrat Tales comp (with bonus tracks) this summer!

5/13/04 I finally found some hover java that works on geocities. So now everyone not using IE has a better idea of what this site is supposed to look like. There's a link to regular html links up there just in case too.

5/4/04 Going through old emails I found this link Dan sent me. It's an unlinked Last line-up page from his site.

4/26/04 Ok the Discog is pretty much done image wise now. I still need to arrange it better and put some notes in. I also put up Lina's pics from the Sacred Grounds gig and a bunch of stuff Tom sent. Once I update the gigs and journal pages that's about all I can do here.

4/25/04 My Line Records copy of the She Don't Know 7" arrived today. The cover is slightly different so I'll put that up soon. The Line version has the lp tracks instead of the single versions if you didn't know already.

4/23/04 Well it's official...Missy and Robbie are no longer in the Last. Whether they were fired or quit is pretty subjective by this point but I'm not pleased either way.

4/11/04 Here are some more Stockage 02 pics. I guess that means I need to track down all the 03 pics again too and link them all on the Photos page.

4/6/04 I inadvertently turned this link to a bunch of Stockage 02 pics.

3/24/04 I rebuilt the homepage here with a shitload of frames pages. It should look much better and work for everyone now but you're screwed if you're on dialup...

3/11/04 I just made three new header gifs. That should be all of them but let me know if I missed any.

3/6/04 I reworked the Intro page here a little. There's now links to two mp3s, the full BOMP! presskit is on another page linked to above, and there's the link to the 88 presskit that Tom sent me today.

3/3/04 So you're asking yourself "Why are there no photo updates??". That's because my photo editing program, I dare not call it "photoshop", is a fucking piece of shit!!! Maybe if I can download a halfway descent free one.....

2/27/04 The html is greatly simplified now...I'm sure you noticed already.

2/25/04 Got the lyrics to three more of the Joe n' Mike songs from Joe.

2/24/04 Just put the three tour entries Mike did on the Journals page. There's at least one more on their forum somewhere...but to find it....

2/21/04 Links to Rat Sound and AMG.

2/13/04 A couple of gig updates Joe told me a while back. Also the Warfrat lyrics that Tom sent me and some flyers.

2/10/04 The Red Hair picture is different now.

2/7/04 My headers are now gif instead of bmp. Turns out bmp won't work on a mac!

1/31/04 I built a new Guestbook.

12/28/03 - 1/30/04 I built this site, while working on several others. I got tons of info and scans from Tom, Joe, and Dan. And the elusive Stockage cd....there's still some things to iron out but I'm tired of sitting on this site! Aside from the TKOF and Be Bop promos I need some scans too.