9/15/09 This is officially the official Shatterhand website now! So there needs to be some updates done here obviously... I'm really stoked to be releasing two splits with them on my new label too. And on some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

6/9/06 After letting them sit on my hard drive for many moons I put up some more photos! I have next to no information on them so if anyone remembers some dates or where they were taken or who took them feel free to let me know. I doubt I'll be able to find the email Chunderman sent after all this time. Still need tons more information for the compilations page too! Anyone with a sharp eye will notice I tweaked the design here a little bit. George Lassoes The Moon is on my new playlist also. Can you believe this is only the second update here this year?!

2/1/06 You can still download Dreams Of Flying on my previous playlists page. I forgot to mention before that The Worst Day and Self Derisive Smile are up too. But I don't know how long those will still be there.

11/20/05 I put some new songs on my media player. There's one Shatterhand song and the first two from Turtlehead's last album...since they go together. Chunderman sent in a bunch of pics a few days ago too. I'll put them up once I get in the mood for photoshop.

10/22/05 Bandit999 finally put one of his Broccoli videos up on Punk Torrents! I'm mentioning it here too since he put in a clip of Shatterhand's Planting Seeds from Fife - 2002.

10/16/05 Caggy sent me a link to some pics at Zelda's World a few weeks back. Funny that I had been to that site before and never noticed them! That's on the links page of course. I got mp3s of A Mess Of Emotion from my friend Brandon recently too. Those songs are straight from Wreckage like I thought. And I have a couple of mp3s up that will interest you. You can download 7 Hours Too Late from Planting Seeds and Opener by Turtlehead (Dave played guitar there for 5 years) here. That's the flash player for my Myspace profile so stuff will get changed out regularly.

9/5/04 Mini Hobo's FANTASTIC cellphone pics are up now! I'll seperate those out Shipyards' style once I get more stuff in. And I forgot that Robert Turtlehead/I Stand Alone sent in the Hey Suburbia track list last week. So that's up now too.

9/4/05 Tosh sent me better scans of A Mess Of Emoton and Make A Difference yesterday so the discog is complete now. I put up the demo tape too. The picture is pretty fuzzy but I doubt anything better will show up anytime soon! And I'll put up some of Mini Hobo's pictures soon. I'm going to make a seperate camera phone section on the photos page since I think alot of those will show up.

9/1/05 Well since I finished typing it up and updated it on my offline version of this site days and days ago I figure it's time to upload the UK Base interview here! I have lots more stuff too but busy, senile, blah blah...

8/26/05 Caggy told me about the Falkirk Music Scene site a couple of days ago. There's loads of info there so it's on the links page and there's a big update on the related's page now. Don't be shy about telling me more there Shatterhand. I already know that Tosh was a goth so you can't get too embarassed...haha! Don't forget about the guestbook either. I'm all alone there with Caggy right now.

8/20/05 Ok I put up the record geek info that Tosh sent me a few days ago. Check the album pages to see what's new. Chunderman sent in a bunch of stuff too but I need to see if he has some higher res scans first. There is a cover for one of the Punk In Scotland comps up now though. I think that's it... Oh, there's a new link I almost forgot. Delilah Miller's photo page. Don't be shy with the submissions!

7/14/05-8/15/05 I started designing this and gathering up info... Crawled google for links, typed all the lyrics and interviews from the official site, put up flyers that Tosh and Caggy sent in, made a related bands page with input from the band... I think that just about covers it! There's still a bunch of gaps in lyrics, comp track lists, and album covers etc. Tosh sent in more info and there's a couple more interviews to finish typing up still. But it's hot as hell here today and I want to get this site up already! If anyone wants to send in some live pics I'll put them up too. Oh! And if anyone has some live recordings do get in touch! I'm not shy. I just noticed that I've been working on this for a month. Where did all that time go?!