Barefoot with Dave on guitar (2003-present). He plays on Only Souvenirs (2003).

Big Blue Funky Whale with Dave on guitar (1990-1994). They had one song on the Buzztracks compilation.

Company Of Wolves with Mike on bass. There was some original recordings.

Filigree Son with Dave on vocals/guitar and Rams on bass (1990-1994). They had one track on the One Records compilation.

The Godsend with Stuart on vocals/guitar, Dave on vocals/keyboard, and Rams on bass (1986-1990). They did False Emotions (1988), The Mirror Haze (1989), and The Ritual (1990). Tosh was a goth...haha!

Jaded Sins with Brian on drums.

The Silencers with Rams on bass (1985-1986). You'll see their name changed several times on that link. They did Tell Me (1986) that's probably the mentioned demo.

Spiderbaby with Brian on drums.

Turtlehead with Dave on guitar (1999-2004). The only release he's on is Bleeding Hearts And Burnouts (2003).

Vanity Fayre with Brian on drums. A non-gigging glam rock thing.