9/14/09 Howdy strangers! Some exciting tour news to announce this time... The Boat is in the process of booking their first Canadian tour now! I'm gonna do my best to fly out for it since I've never been to Canada before. The new album is coming along too. It's going to be on No Idea records this time around. And on some completely unrelated news... Go check out The Riot Before on the latest episode of Vinyl Vlog!

5/22/09 So sorry about the updates being few and far between... I have so much new stuff to post but it for the most part requires a scanner that I don't currently own! But anyway... Leatherface has a new song that Bandit999 filmed in Scotland last night! I posted that on youtube and he just posted the entire video on Punk Torrents. Check the forum for those links. Also a lot of new tour dates that need to get posted in an organized fashion...

9/15/08 Long time, no update... But what better news to start off with than: Leatherface is playing The Fest! A small southern tour goes along with that. Also there's talk of a release on Cherry Red. More info on that and tour dates can be found on the forum.

8/21/06 Paradixocal Thing (not that it's news) on my latest playlist now. But even better there's an A Death In The Family song too!

8/13/06 Ed just did a Jesse/Stubbs post on his new blog Generating Steam Heat. While I'm here I should ask for pictures and flyers for stuff like Out Of Spite. Don't be shy now!

7/9/06 Johnny D started up a new videozine called Anti-Dote. There's clips of Frankie Stubbs and Annalise from the Newest Industry alldayer last year. Check it out! I put the Unfurnished mp3 on my webspace too since it vanished from the official site. Uploaded it days ago but I forgot to link it!

6/14/06 There's some pics from the 12th over at New-Core.de. If anyone spots more stuff online like flyers by sure to let me know!

5/5/06 The "uncut version" of Pope's Alone is on my playlist now. There's the beginning of a 2006 Tour Dates list on the forum now too.

4/18/06 There's Leatherface and Former Cell Mates songs on my latest playlist here. This site officially turned three years old two weeks ago too. Wow!

4/4/06 I did a review of the Snuffy Smile tribute yesterday. You can read it here.

3/11/06 The acoustic version of Dead Industrial Atmosphere is up now. You can still get all of the 10" songs on the previous playlists page too.

2/28/06 Keep forgetting to mention Sail Boats is on my new playlist here. Next one will be political hardcore.

2/21/06 My friend Kei Dohdoh just uploaded two Leatherface videos from the Japanese tour last year. You can download Pale Moonlight and Hoodlum here. They're around 35mb each.

2/1/06 I put Closing Time and Room up on the media player this morning. The sound quality on the Jesse song is kind of poor since it's a 128kbs vinyl rip. But that version is much better than what's on the LP! Also I heard that Leatherface is on an upcoming Replacements tribute. You can read more on the forum.

1/15/06 As you're probably seen on the forum by now... Frankie recorded a new acoustic version of Heart Is Home when he was in australia. You can download it here. He did a couple of other songs at the same time but they can be done better. So that means there's going to be a new acoustic record sometime this year! Also the second song from the acoustic 10" is up on my media page now.

12/24/05 I put the first track from the Stubbs acoustic 10" up on my media player. And Frankie got back from Australia recently...and finally got access to the official site again! There's an A Death In The Family song over on The Newest Industry too if you're interested.

11/22/05 Whoa! Former Cell Mates has a myspace page now!

11/20/05 Since a few people asked I put the other two Frankie Stubbs - Unhinged songs on my media player. I'm not leaving those up forever so download!

10/30/05 Frankie is doing another acoustic gig in Melbourne on the 12th. See the gigs page for more info.

10/17/05 Bandit's Angelic Upstarts video is up at Punk Torrents now! And I have an mp3 of Truly Beautiful from Frankie's solo 7" up here. Shipyards gets more hits a day than all my other sites combined so I hope that doesn't kill my bandwidth. Download the song! Don't stream. And I'm not leaving that one up forever. That's why it isn't on the mp3s page.

10/11/05 Bandit999 posted a sample clip of the Angelic Upstarts gig with Dickie Hammond on Punk Torrents. And it was right before they moved servers so that was 10 days ago... The full show will be up sometime soon.

10/5/05 Jamie's Runout Groove posted a blog about Leatherface last week. I only know because he linked to here and I saw it in my referers. Come on guys! Send me an email or something on this stuff!

9/29/05 Jeff from Nottingham just IMed me. Said he was talking to Frankie at the Former Cell Mates gig in Derby the other day. You'll never believe this one... Dickie AND Lainey are back and they're going to do an album and tour early next year. It all happened because Davey said his dream was to play with the original lineup. Frankie said he didn't have much of a chance of that but Davey called up Dickie and he was keen. So...woo hoo!!!

9/21/05 There's some pictures from the Newest Industry alldayer up now. You can see some by Mei here and a bunch of Chris's pictures here. If you haven't read yet the turnout for that fantastic 10 band bill was a complete joke. They promoted the shit out of that gig but only sold about 31 tickets!!! Everyone that bothered to show up had an amazing time though. I'm really bummed that I had to miss it now. And as you can imagine Dave and Jo are really in debt now between all they invested to put that show on and for paying someone to video it at the last minute. If you're feeling generous go and donate them a few dollars. I already sent them all the money people gave me to get to that.

9/16/05 Frankie will be heading back to Australia in October to produce A Death In The Family's debut album. There will be a small acoustic tour while he's there too. The first date will be Oct. 16th in Melbourne. I'll post more information as it becomes available.

8/22/05 I found this Dog Disco review the other day. It isn't in English so if someone wants to do a translation you can post it on the forum. Oh and if you've been wondering...Frankie hasn't been able to access his site since he changed ISPs a few weeks ago. That's why there hasn't been an update on the official site.

8/18/05 Smileykt has some pics of the Stubbs and Pissmops gig from a few days ago. If anyone has a flyer send it on in! Some audio of the Pissmops would be cool too.

8/13/05 Ok...if you haven't been to the forum lately I set up a Paypal Donation page in an attempt to get to the Newest Industry all-dayer next month. I give it maybe a 50/50 chance of working but it's worth a shot! You can read more here.

8/6/05 If you haven't seen it on the forum yet here's a Dog Disco review that gingermark told me about. The Horsebox and Last reviews on there are laughably bad too!!

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