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7/28/05 Bandit999 has another Leatherface video up from Edinburgh 1998 now.

7/15/05 My second UK torrent is up now. There's a bunch of Leatherface vinyl rips and similar goodies that you'll all love. And the rest of the OOP Boat stuff is coming soon.

7/3/05 Bandit999 just told me that Dickie Hammond is playing guitar for the Angelic Upstarts now. He's going to video their show in August so expect to see that on Punk Torrents sometime this year.

6/30/05 I just found some pics from Dortmund last year over at Punk As Fuck. And some pics from Saarbrücken at New-Core.

6/23/05 Atom from A Death In The Family tells me that there's some pics from the Aussie tour on their site. There was a flyer too so I updated here. Check out their mp3s while you're there.

6/17/05 I stumbled on a recent review of Cherry Knowle at Vampire Freaks. Ha! There are advantages to owning such a unique domain name...

6/4/05 You can download a Former Cell Mates song at The Newest Industry now. Their first tour is coming very soon too. And Stubbs may play the Newest Industry all-dayer in September.

5/25/05 I talked to Brian (another transplanted Brit) and he has some pics from the Japan tour on his photo page.

5/16/05 Napalm posted pics from the Stubbs/Billy No Mates show on the forum.

5/1/05 Now for some old news that most of you know about by now. Snuffy Smile's tribute was released about a month ago - The Bastards Can't Dance: A Tribute To Leatherface. That's all Japanese bands and very good from what I hear...but I haven't heard it myself yet. You can get it from Forte Distro or Snuffy Smile. Find Snuffy order info on my j-punk site. And there's a Boat In The Smoke review over at Transform Online.

4/20/05 Seems that Frankie will do an acoustic set in May with Billy No Mates - Duncan Snuff's new band. Check this thread on the forum for info.

1/25/05 The Leatherface/Jesse/Rugrat etc. video was just reposted on Punk Torrents.

1/24/05 You can order the new Leatherface DVD at Punkervision now.

1/2/05 Rabbit Records Mat just sent me an email. Seems Leatherface might have a few dates in Australia after the Japan tour.

12/22/04 I can finally quit biting my tongue about this!!! The Leatherface DVD will go on sale in early 2005. I'll keep you updated on any more news on that. I just noticed there's a Former Cell Mates (Davey's new band) demo you can stream at The Newest Industry too.

12/9/04 Oh yeah...there's some 2005 Japanese tour dates on the forum now.

11/17/04 I've got some live Hooton 3 Car mp3s up on a new yahoo group.

11/11/04 When asked about the firing Frankie said "no comment".

11/8/04 Some horrible news...Lainey got fired! Frankie didn't say much about it on the official site. But there's good news for Japan. Leatherface will be back for the first time in 12 years soon.

10/31/04 Some prick is now selling Peel Session cdrs on ebay for $16 a piece!!! Don't make that fucker rich when you can download them for free on my mp3s page. That's probly where he got them from too! And there's a huge new Jesse and Leatherface torrent up.

10/29/04 To all of my American readers: Don't forget to vote on Tuesday. Let's put an end to the Bush dynasty in this nation once and for all!

10/25/04 Something I'll bet most of you don't know about. Read PIPA's latest study on what bush supporters believe and what the reality really is. You can read just the raw percentages on Al Franken's blog.

10/11/04 I'm going to take the Harlow mp3s down soon in favor of a new set. I'll give them about a week more for anyone that doesn't have them yet. I've been meaning to do this for about two months already...

9/28/04 Well it's been months and months since MRR said they sent some issues to me so I could give them to the people who's pics they used in the Leatherface interview. But since it's been well over a month since Mike has had anything else to say to me about it, and they didn't even bother to thank anyone as promised, I don't buy that story. (it took the one Angela sent me a whole week to arrive) My adivice to the cheated is to mail MRR asking what is owed to them. I'm putting the pics in the interview (aside from the one I don't recognize).

9/18/04 I don't know when he put this up but Frankie's got some crazy cartoon music on the official site now.

9/12/04 Frankie's got a merch page up at the official site.

8/16/04 I know the torrent is old as hell but I just found the Leatherface promo vid. And another torrent with Peasant In Paradise.

8/11/04 I have a new email address so everyone update your address books.

8/1/04 A message to any webmasters that use mozilla. NEVER set it as your default browser cos it will totally FUCK your shit up!!!

7/31/04 Take a trip on the Wayback Machine!!! I didn't have the net til just before the original official site died.

7/19/04 Punk Radio Cast has Cabbage Case up. Go vote! I also keep forgetting to mention there's a Leatherface interview in the latest issue of The Big Takeover.

7/10/04 My Broccoli site is somewhat up now.

7/3/04 To Pete Burn: You need to email me from a different address. I tried replying from both my boxes and they were both rejected.

6/26/04 If you've ever wanted to get into the Senseless Things check this link that Lucas posted the other day. Also I'm putting together a Broccoli website so if anyone's got pictures, flyers, interviews or anything like that please send them in.

6/15/04 Issue #255 (August 2004) of Maximum Rock n Roll will have a Leatherface interview in it, with some pictures taken from the UK tour. It's the Reagan's Dead special edition.

6/11/04 There's some pics from the AU Festival at Konzertassi. Look under the Fotos section.

6/6/04 Steffen just told me there's another Leatherface vid at Punk Torrents.

6/5/04 re: my new browser - I'm going to delete all my style sheets here so I can start clean without yahoo giving me trouble. Most everything should be fixed in a few days.

6/4/04 Napalm is offering cdrs of that Leatherface video on the trades board. Steffen is offering them on the official Leatherface forum too.

6/1/04 Angela is hosting a Stalin mp3 for my I Excuse site. Go NOW!!!

5/29/04 If you're having trouble downloading that video please refer your questions to that Punk Torrents thread. I've only got dialup so I'm unable to download it.

5/28/04 You can download an entire video from Glasgow 1997 at Punk Torrents.

5/27/04 I'm working on a j-punk page at my I Excuse site.

5/26/04 Well the US tour is completely off now. I'm too disgusted to say anymore.

5/17/04 I just asked Rob Bewick about Ran. Here is what he had to say.

5/12/04 The Hit The North mp3s are working again. Now hosted by Angela.

5/11/04 We've got mp3s of Ran's demo tape up at the Threenote group. And there's a new interview up at Sweet Jane Music [only German so far].

5/10/04 Seems the US tour will have two legs now. The first one is August 11th to September 4th through the mid-west. If you're interested in setting up a date send an email to usfrankiecore@yahoo.com. By the way...that means no East Coast tour if they don't make enough money.

5/6/04 The latest issue of Unfit For Consumption has a Leatherface interview in it. For order info email Trev.

5/1/04 Leatherface, River City Rebels and Even In Blackouts tour will be August through September in the states. WOO HOO!!!

4/23/04 There's a bunch of new pics up at Threenote Records.

4/15/04 American Music Press has a huge new Leatherface interview up (thanks Dave!).

4/14/04 You can download an interesting Japanese cover of Daylight Comes at 21st Sonic Movement. Eiri plays all the instruments himself on it.

4/8/04 Here's another Dog Disco review that Billyboy just turned up.

4/7/04 There's some pics up at Driveway Speeding's site. And I asked Julie at BYO about the US tour... "As of right now, the only I know is that it's slated for this summer...I should know in a few weeks though."

4/5/04 There's a couple of Edinburgh mp3s up at Threenote Records.

3/23/04 I've started a Trades Board on my forum. All I have to say is behave.

3/22/04 Seems the latest issue of Caustic Truths has something on Leatherface. It's most likely just a review so if anyone knows for sure tell me.

3/21/04 There's a review of Saturday's gig at Subterrania.

3/20/04 Another Dog Disco review on Punk News.

3/15/04 Here is a bunch of pics from Saturday's Liverpool gig.

3/14/04 My China Drum site is "finished". You can read what I really think about it on there.

3/10/04 From today's BYO newsletter -- LEATHERFACE - "Dog Disco"
It's been four long years, but Leatherface is back with a new album and it's well worth the wait! "Dog Disco" features 12 brand new tracks from this legendary UK group. Led by the ubiquitously poetic writing of Mr. Frankie Stubbs, this record carries the band forward from their seminal "Mush" album and their now classic tracks on the first BYO split series with Hot Water Music. The trademark soaring guitars and beautiful harmonies have lost nothing & neither has Frankie's razorblade gargle voice. They'll be touring Europe through June and there's rumors of a US tour.

3/8/04 Can't Decide #2 has an interview with Frankie in it. Order info on the link there.

3/6/04 There's a Reviews page now for the stuff people send me. Just the one now but more coming soon.

3/1/04 I just heard from Julie at BYO. Dog Disco will be released on vinyl too! And she sent me this here banner.

2/16/04 I got an advanced copy of Dog Disco today. As remarkable as that was my jaw nearly hit the floor when I read the thank yous!!!

2/9/04 I've been putting this off for a long time now. Since it's been well over a month and everyone else on the fucking PLANET has a promo (all I have is mp3s)! But you don't want to listen to my rant now do you....go to the Dog Disco page for my review.

2/7/04 I just noticed that Frankie has tabs for Books and Not A Day up now.

2/4/04 I just found a Japanese site that nicked my Eagle photo! The babel fish translation is hilarious too!

1/30/04 In some completely unrelated news, my Last fansite is up...but not finished.

1/29/04 Here is a bigger version of Bob's flyer for March 19th. Plus there's a new mp3 up at BYO Records. You can get it from my mp3 page too.

1/28/04 There's cover art for Dog Disco up at BYO Records.

1/13/04 There's a fairly complete list of March's tour on the Tour Dates thread.

1/11/04 Frankie put TWO previously unreleased songs up today! The long lost Jesse song plus an outtake from the BYO split. There's a little contest associated with that one too so go to Leatherface.uk.com and see for yourself. You can download the mp3s straight from my mp3 page too.

1/5/04 Album news...the name will be Dog Disco now. The release should be by early March. And the tour should be UK/Ireland, Europe, then the US.

1/4/04 OK, now it looks like Leatherface will tour Europe before hitting the US. But who know's how it will be tomorrow....

1/3/04 Well the Caravan gig in February is inexplicably off. I officially know absolutely nothing about the US tour now.

12/26/03 Some of you may know [I didn't!] that BYO is seeking photos for the new album. You can read more here.

12/21/03 I hear Leatherface will be touring Germany come April.

12/15/03 Here is an ad for the new album that Daniel just sent me. It's from a German magazine.

12/10/03 You should already know that Leatherface is playing at the Fabrik in Hamburg on the 19th. But I just heard that they're playing an acoustic set at the Treibeis bar on the 18th too! Color me jealous!

12/5/03 My Frankie Stubbs interview is finally finished! I most definatly got a kick out of it. You can see the finished product on the Interviews page.

11/29/03 I've given up on being involved with the Leatherface Tribute. If you have questions about it email Gizz directly.

11/28/03 Leatherface is playing at The Caravan in Memphis, TN sometime in February.

11/24/03 I asked Dead Elvis if he could host the Hit The North mp3s for us. He was more than happy to help too! I'll let you know once they're up but it'll be a few days at least. Dial up and all...

11/23/03 Billyboy sent me some of his Bulldog Bash pics. Two are up already. It was dark so the quality is poor. He has the last two 93 Peel mp3s up at Threenote Records now too. I also made a Shipyards History page if you're bored.

11/22/03 What a tragedy! I asked Davey if he had the rest of the Punk Rock Diaries and he said they're for the most part lost. Oh, he wanted me to put a disclaimer on the OX interview too.

11/11/03 Check out my new I Excuse page. There's hardly anything there so far, but it's a start.

11/10/03 Here's the Peel 93 links, Heaven Sent and Little White God. Unfortunately LWG skips, but this is by far my favorite Peel Session! Right Click on them and 'save target as'.

11/7/03 It was the flyer for the Leeds show that I forgot. It's on the pictures page now.

11/4/03 The Hamburg show IS on the 19th of December.

10/30/03 Ok...shows. You know about Liverpool, Leeds on the 21st, and there might be some confusion on the Hamburg show. It's either on the 19th or 23rd of December.

10/24/03 A portion of my interview with Frankie Stubbs is now up.

10/16/03 I've been meaning to put this on here forever! Here is some news on the Tribute cd. You have to be a member of the first mp3 group to read it...

10/14/03 I've finally begun the massive update that I've put off for a month or two now. I got LAZY! I'll be starting with the lyrics. I updated the Tugboat page already but I'll go from the bottom from there.

10/9/03 Will informs me that Leatherface is playing Liverpool, Saturday November 1st. There's two flyers for it on the photo page too.

10/7/03 Frankie finally put up a clip form the new album! It's Hoodlum, and he put the lyrics up too! Also some more info on the Hamburg show. It's on the 19th of December with the Oma Hans.

9/16/03 Leatherface are playing Hamburg, Germany in December. More details as they become available. The Fest 2 [Gainsville, Florida] is in a month too!

9/14/03 Frankie gave me the ok, so two mp3s from the Bulldog Bash are now available. They're from the new album!

9/1/03 BYOs, very rough I hope, release date for Tugboat will be late February.

8/28/03 The BRAND NEW Shipyards is up!!! But there's more important news than that. Discography Part Two is being re-released on vinyl. The first 1000 copies also come with a free four song 7". You can pre-order them at Deranged Records.

8/23/03 Well according to Frankie's new frames page we should get an mp3 soon. Probably from BYO.

8/21/03 You've probably noticed the new official link page. And I showed Frankie how to do frames so watch out for that.

8/18/03 Frankie just told me he has a whole box of Jesse cds left. If you want one you can email him.

8/16/03 Frankie did Part Two of the history, and stole back the part I stole. It's kind of funny since the freewebs link will be gone in a week or two...

8/6/03 Not Superstitious tabs courtesy of Frankie!

8/5/03 Frankie added a Guestbook to the new Official Leatherface site. Still nothing on the mp3.

8/2/03 Still no new mp3 from Frankie. Hopefully after the Oslo show....

7/28/03 Contain yourselves, Frankie will put an mp3 from the new album up on Thursday!!!

7/23/03 It's been but a matter of hours, but the Official Leatherface site is back! Hopefully Frankie won't get too pissed about the stuff I stole. And the Boat are playing a festival in Oslo, August 2nd.

7/20/03 Here is a funny article on the tribute cd. Contrary to what they all say it will not suck! For example most of the songs on my Tribute Group will be on it.

7/11/03 There definitly IS a Leatherface tribute cd in the works now! If your band has or wants to cover them let me know or something. Too much to say about it here...

6/7/03 Leatherface are playing the Bulldog Bash on August 9th.

4/12/03 Billyboy came up with this post on the Fracture Forum. It's the most news we've had in months!

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