8/31/06 I got a Japan tour flyer from Naohiko. And I finally put up the FC St. Pauli track list that both Gingermark and Mika sent me ages ago! The vinyl version has three bonus tracks so if anyone knows them drop me an email.

7/18/06 I've got lots of goodies for you today! People asked and asked and asked for long enough so I finally put the Jesse singles up. And they're at vbr192 so the files won't sound shit. If I can make enough room and they don't sound terrible at 128k I'll put the Alive In Ireland tracks up soon too so you can have the complete set. I also put all the vinyl only Leatherface single stuff up on my new Rubber Factory subdomain...also at vbr192. Angela got rid of her webspace so the first Hit The North Session and last Peel Session is gone for the moment. You know...there was a guy that was supposed to mail me a tape of all that stuff last year so I could make better mp3s and I don't remember who it was. What ever happened to that?!

6/10/06 Chris sent me his Stubbs interview from Rancid News #6 a while back... You know where to find it!

6/9/06 Incredible...I put the promo page back up!!! So there's some promo posters and photos after almost two years of being down. I did get another poster close to a year ago (?!?) but my scanner is busted now.

5/30/06 Got a couple of flyers from Stubbs' Aussie acoustic gigs last year from Andrew ADITF. Should be a couple more coming from him soon too!

5/29/06 Ok I just updated the Tribute and Produced pages for the first time in who knows how long! If anyone sees something I missed (or has additional links) be sure to let me know. There's dates for Out Of Spite and another festival in Barcelona listed on the Tour Dates thread on my forum now too.

5/17/06 It's way past time to get some serious updates done here! I started off with putting all of the acoustic 10" up on the mp3s page. Enjoy!

2/6/06 I have a special treat for you! You can download the Minx test pressing on the mp3s page now. I imagine that one will be quite popular so don't be surprised if I have to remove the links periodically...

2/4/06 I finally put the Poison City Records compilation up here. I'm gonna have a look at the related bands page soon too since I updated the HDQ one today.

1/6/06 Edinburgh is now on the mp3s page. Happy downloading!

12/30/05 I got a cdr of Edinburgh 2004 from Rab the other day. See the bootlegs page for that track list and the 92 Bremen Cable 2xvcd I got ages ago. If you didn't see on the forum yet I'm gonna swap Minneapolis 2000 out with Edinburgh 2004 in a few days. That one's been up for about a year already! Get it quick if you don't have it yet. I asked JDM if he would host the Seconds Out, Round One tracks too. Those are from Leatherface's second Hit The North session. See the mp3s page.

12/24/05 A couple of people asked about the Unhinged 7" so I'm putting all three songs up on my mp3s page for a while. My bandwidth usage has been good enough lately. I got a flyer from last years tour from Mirko - They Stole A Million a few days ago too. Plus a little gigs update.

12/1/05 Quite a few small updates here. I got a new flyer from Jirka. One Chris told me the songs on the Sight And Sound video and another Chris told me the other bands that are on it. Check both the album and comp pages for that. And I got a few more of Frankie's acoustic tour dates from Atom.

11/23/05 WOW!! Two updates in as many days. I linked up the presskits and inserts that I have on the album pages instead of the way it was before. And the two Leatherface reviews that I've done so far. Almost forgot about the Razor Blades And Aspirin test pressing too. See the Smokey Joe, Winsome Losesome, Little White God, Horsebox, Dog Disco, and Boat In The Smoke pages for the rest. I think I'll put the promo photos and posters I have back up this week. I did get another poster from the Dillinger Four/Avail tour about six months ago but I never scanned it. Wouldn't you know that my scanner is broken now!

11/22/05 The raretie stuff is now on the album pages as promised months and months ago! I spotted more stuff that needs to go up while I was doing this update. And I need to see about the stuff Frank started sending in now! Right now the "new" stuff is on the Fill Your Boots, Mush, Minx, Little White God, Horsebox, Dog Disco, and Unhinged album pages. Shipyards topped 30,000 hits today too!!!

11/11/05 Damn it's been almost a month since I did an update?! Nathan sent me some stuff from the Aussie tour a little over a week ago. There's a new flyer from that up and the small gigs update of course. I'm gonna ask A Death In The Family for any more flyers from Frankie's acoustic gigs too. After realizing I've done next to NOTHING productive this week I'm going to find some stuff to update around here...

10/18/05 Andrew from A Death In The Family just sent some pics from Frankie's acoustic gig in Melbourne. Check the live photos page.

10/1/05 I put up an mp3 of You Are My Sunshine. Do not stream the file! Right click the link and save as. I'll put the original version of Dreaming up later too if you want. And I found a couple of old flyers from the 2004 tour a couple of days ago. Small gigs page update to accompany them. I think I found a bunch of new pictures too but the links page is a disaster now. I haven't updated it in well over a year! Summer is gone now so there will be lots of updates over the coming months...

9/21/05 There's a couple of more flyers from the alldayer, one for Frankie's upcoming Aussie acoustic tour, and a little gigs page update.

8/26/05 I just noticed an old flyer that German Frank sent a while back. It's from the 2004 tour for a gig that For The Day was supposed to support on. If I remember what Marc said correctly they had to pull out because their bass player was sick... I'm going to download the rest of the stuff that Frank sent this weekend. I know he has lots more too!

8/19/05 KT sent me a flyer from Out Of Spite so I put that up and updated the gigs page.

8/6/05 Gingermark sent me the track list for the BYO 2004 sampler. Frank in Germany has been sending me some raretie scans too but I've been too lazy to matte them together yet!

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