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7/14/05 While searching for myself on google today (I get bored sometimes!) I found a track list for the Snuffy Leatherface tribute cd. It's on the compilations page and I'll update the covers page later on. I have still to hear this but it's looking badass from the track list!!!

7/3/05 Ged told me about another gig from July 2000.

6/25/05 After thinking about a neat script I saw months and months ago I decided to redo the discog pages here. Incidentally I scanned up the Big Rock version of Mush for it too. The extra goodies like obi-strips and test pressings will be on the Lyrics and Info pages from now on. But my brain is too tired to do that now!

6/20/05 I just put up a flyer for the Newest Industry all-dayer in September. You guys have to have some more recent flyers than the 2004 tour too. Send them in! I also found the Wat Tyler gig list that Sean sent ages ago so there's a sizeable gigs update.

5/23/05 I must really want people to update their sites now! The tickets page is back up. There's also a new ticket that David gave to me recently and a couple that I think Angus sent in ages ago. That included a small gigs update too. If anyone remembers the location and venue for the May 13th 1993 gig let me know.

5/22/05 Six months later I finally get around to rebuilding the live photos page! You may have noticed that I hate doing alot of photoshop. I was surprised to find all of the original images so easily too. The rest of that stuff is a mess! I think there's more stuff to put up there from now defunct sites. And Mat Rabbit sent me some pics from the Aussie tour. He even took Stubbs to see Bon Scott's grave after the Perth show. Now that liveage is finally back up feel free to send in any pics from the 2005 tour. Flyers and tickets too!

5/10/05 Yet more old tour dates from Matt. These being from the Minx tour in 1993. I really wish that the gigs page would switch from notepad to wordpad already too. I have to close and reopen the thing 50 times just to update it now!

5/4/05 Matt sent me some more old tour dates from a flyer he found. I'll get a scan of that too if possible. I've been telling myself to get the tickets page back up for weeks too. If you're wondering why the rest of the photo pages are taking so long...I can't find most of the originals! I had no organization what so ever when this site started up.

4/17/05 The discog and lyrics pages are Boat In The Smoke updated.

4/11/05 And yet another pile of things I forgot. There's a Ran link I found ages ago plus Former Cell Mates have a site up. What else was there.... I got one of the "bootleg" copies of Mush from the US tour. And you've probably seen on the forum that there's another Leatherface video on Punk Torrents. I thought Daniel sent me the track list for the Sight And Sound video but I must have lost it. And I need to make a new page for the dvd.

4/9/05 Let's see...I put up an old interview from Vision-On that I got over a month ago. The zine was complete but the int hardly seems complete to me. It reads like it got cut in half or something. I included Stubbs' "my first gig" thing from the zine too. Also there's a gigs update. One that "Bill" sent in from France and the 2005 tour. I'm afraid that the old gigs list Sean sent me got deleted with my hotmail account. It could be in a different box but I'm doubtful. I think that's it for now... Oh my Leatherface DVD review is up on the site proper now.

1/6/05 Another gigs update that Matt found in an old Melody Maker the other day. He guessed the mystery interview was from Kerrang too. And someone just told me about another cover song. Check 2-Pump Louie on the tributes page. Plus a link I found for the March 12th gig last year.

12/27/04 I just heard back from Mat. The ints are all from cutouts he got over 10 years ago so no clue as to issue numbers and whatnot. If anyone else happens to recognize them feel free to let me know any more info on them.

12/20/04 Rabbit Records Mat sent me FOUR new Leatherface interviews yesterday! I could barely type the Melody Maker part where Dickie is talking about working as an undertaker from laughing so hard! The others are an old MRR, Thrash, and an unidentified one. I'll update them with the years and issue numbers etc. once I know but I didn't want to make you all wait til then!

12/13/04 About time I edited the guestbook huh?

12/9/04 The 1993 Peel Session mp3s are now on my server. That frees some of Billyboy's space up for some other goodies.

12/8/04 Let's see now.... There's updates on just about every page now. The major stuff is a new flyer or two, more Stubb produced bands, and a complete overhaul of the gigs page. I still have alot more to do there too. Sean sent me a bunch of stuff a couple of months ago that I haven't gone through yet. Uhh...the only photo page that is up now is the flyers. Oh yeah and there's some new bootleg covers that Steffen and me made up on that page. I think that covers it for now. More photo pages to come as they're ready. And it seems my new email address isn't working! I can send email but it's not recieving any. ....ok I'm just a dumbass that wasn't logging in right.

12/2/04 I finally have all of my other sites on their new server. It will be a while still before the Shipyards is ready for uploading. But my new forum is ready now. I'll be deleting the old one as soon as I'm sure all the useful info is saved.

11/21/04 Out of all the sites I've been working on the past week or two here's one I can actually show! Maybe if I bust some heads Queef will finally get their EP out. And since I learned how yesterday I'll be able to build my new phpBB forum in about 5 minutes.

11/20/04 Rob Malkovich in Canada offered to host my sites (250mb of space and 4gigs of bandwidth a month) for FREE! Leatherface fans are the bestest people in the whole wide world!!!

11/17/04 It looks like yahoo finally quit fucking with all the banners on here. They went back and forth between un-closable ones, an entire frame for the banners...just about every annoying thing they could thing of! Now they're back to almost exactly the same as before. I'm still looking for a cheap server to get out from under the thumb of free server nazis though.

11/11/04 Goddamn when did yahoo fuck up all my websites!!! There's some new reviews on the zine now.

11/3/04 I'm sure others have thought this already but let me be the first to say that Orwell was off by about 20 years. I need to read some Nietzsche now... And as if there wasn't enough evidence that republicans aren't too bright read this!

11/2/04 The Day The Country Died took on a whole new meaning to me today. Let's hope that wasn't prophetic!

10/22/04 Well I finally got off my ass and finished my Jesse singles cdr. You can read all the boring details on the forum. Now there's only 9,999 things left to do....

10/18/04 The Minneapolis 2000 mp3s are now up. Angela uploaded them this time so it didn't take me two days to do it! And I put an old BYO sampler that I just got on the comps page.

9/28/04 The very looooooong MRR interview is up now. There's alot of great stuff in there and Frankie is unusually talkative! I put pictures in it too....you know why.

9/24/04 I accidentally hit the "Discard All Incoming Mail" button on my mailbox the other day. Sorry if you got bounced...my mailbox does exist! I didn't unclick that so it must have fixed itself.... Also I put up my Baroeg "review" and fixed that and Arnheim's country for about the third time.

9/20/04 I got my records from Frankie today!!! They look brand new too! And a MRR fron Angela...NOT MRR.

9/15/04 Just spell checked the new interview and fixed the images on the solo lyrics pages.

9/10/04 I just typed up Trev's great interview from UFC #9. I'm sure it's fully of typos but I'm too tired to check for them now. I don't get how people can type shit all day long for a living!

9/9/04 Wow...a real update! I got around to putting a little more on the Bootlegs page finally. You'll notice that there's a few new ones and they're underlined if I own actual cds of them. I did a "review" of Billyboy's Bulldog Bash cd too. I might do the three Pal bootlegs I've got later on today...

9/2/04 Two new mp3s on the first group.

9/1/04 Just deleted two old mp3s from the 2nd yahoo group. Now there's Little White God from Regensburg 2004.

8/14/04 I am finally the proud owner of a Discography Part One cd!!!!!!! (that means I'm the bastard that got it for only $25 off ebay...) And I know it's a shock but I updated Discog One's lyric/info page.

8/13/04 What's this? A new review?!?

8/8/04 You may have noticed the new dropdown menu on the front page.

8/3/04 Another update that very few will notice.

8/2/04 I changed the discog yet again since it keeps knocking my damn site down. And I've given the lyrics pages a much needed face lift. I filled in as much info as I could recall/have. I have another list of questions for Sean and Frankie now!

7/30/04 I just noticed my fancy new discog has DOUBLE the file size! So I broke it up into four pages. Page one is 1989 to 1990, page two is 1991 to 1993, page three is 1994 to 1998, and page four is 1999 to now.

7/29/04 Ok the discog is updated and there's a couple of new pics there. You might notice the pics are smaller but sharper now. The effects of a better imaging program!

7/27/04 I make the Solo Stubbs covers a little smaller. I'm gonna do the same to the Boat discog once I matte together a jpg of the new Discog 2 lp.

7/13/04 hahaha..fucking awesome! Welly from Four Letter Word just emailed me. I still had their old link up on the Stubbs Produced page and he corrected me on the line at the beginning of Friends In High Places. It was Jason from Social Unrest on a live album.

7/10/04 Nothing but rain, rain, RAIN here for a month now! I got a whole 2 day break from it...long enough to mow a little of my yard. The Broccoli site is set for a while so it's review time again. The new Four Letter Word 7" is on the zine now.

7/5/04 I redid the compilations page, making the pics smaller and adding a few. But the quality is better since they were done with a superior imaging program! All the uploading wasn't easy since my connection has been completely fucked since friday.

6/29/04 All of Leo's pictures and ticket are up now. It would have been yesterday but Graeme kept sending me stuff on Longball To No-One. You can't fault his enthusiasm!

6/28/04 Leo just sent me a BUNCH of pics he took at the Underworld gig. I may have them all up today. He sent the ticket stub too.

6/25/04 Steffen translated the Sweet Jane Music interview for us.

6/24/04 Shonben's 1999 is on the zine now.

6/22/04 Angela sent me an old Jesse live review (May 1997) from an issue of Exile Osaka. I linked it from the Gigs page that is in desperate need of an update! That Jesse review is also the start of a new project here. Anyone can send me in a review of a gig they went to and I'll put it up here. I don't care if it was from 10 years ago as long as your memories are clear enough. I also found the Minx shirt that Phill sent me 3 months ago while cleaning out my mailbox. Makes you wonder what else got lost in there!

6/14/04 Mat from Rabbit Records just sent me a great interview he did with Frankie. From TMT #27 back in 1999.

6/13/04 I updated the Interviews page. Steffen will translate the Sweet Jane interview for us in a week or two. It seems the interview that was on punknews.org.uk is gone forever too.

6/10/04 I just figured out how to put my popup java on a js sheet....I think. If it doesn't work for anyone let me know and I'll go back to the old, horribly inefficient way. I've fixed my reviews page too. So more there soon. And I redid the Interviews page like the Lyrics.

6/9/04 I redid the lyrics page so it's more streamlined. There's dropdown menus there now.

6/7/04 Whew! The Shipyards is back and should be better than ever. Aside from some fonts this should now be pretty consistant for everyone. I've still got a few more things to figure out though... And if only my CSS scrollbar attributes weren't only supported on IE.

6/5/04 I just got Mozilla...meaning this is the first time I've seen my sites on anything but Internet Explorer. This is going to require a MAJOR redesign!!! I wish someone would have told me sooner...

5/31/04 Not exactly an update but....I finally have a cd burner.

5/25/04 I've been talking to Hardy from S.A.D./Mr. Quimby's Beard. So the Related Bands and Produced pages are updated. I started a pre-Leatherface page for Frankie too. It's linked from the Solo Stubbs page.

5/18/04 I linked Billyboy's Edinburgh bootlegs up on the mp3s page. I also uploaded all of the Harlow 92 mp3s. I'm tired now....

5/17/04 The Trikot shirt that Daniel sent is up. And an HDQ pic....since three of them were in Leatherface. I fucked up the index page here too. It's way past time to update my backups!

5/16/04 The Wat Tyler and Lovemen links on the Tributes page are dead. So I took the Lovemen linkdown and put the Lookout Wat link up since google isn't being helpful. And a the new BYO comp is partially up.

5/12/04 Daniel sent a bunch of stuff today. The rest of the info on the Sunderland comp, another Midway Still for produced, an old flyer, and a new ticket. It just dawned on me how big this site is so if anyone sees a broken link, image, or error in general please let me know.

5/11/04 Rainy days...I matted together all my BYO promo posters. Also all my presskits are on the promo page now. And I put up a pic of the Metal cd comp.

5/8/04 Most everything on the Punk In Sunderland comp is up.

5/6/04 Three new flyers are up. One from 91 and two from this tour. And three new tickets. You might be interested to know that our own Billyboy Threenote is getting a new band together too.

5/4/04 I've been cleaning out all my old emails....so I fixed a couple of countries on the Gigs page that Pal told me about. I saw a flyer that Billyboy sent too. I completely forgot about that one! Too much shit to do.....

4/29/04 Dickie's new band is on the Side's page...or whatever the hell I named it.

4/28/04 I finally finished the photoshop on the Rejected Cherry Knowle cover so that's up now. Daniel sent me another Horsebox promo too.

4/26/04 I just put up three old tickets that Bob sent me over 4 months ago. I noticed that I've got a few more to put up too. Damned if I can remember who sent them after all this time though....

4/21/04 The Unhinged 7"s lyrics are done.

4/20/04 I just put up the flyer that Napalm sent me over a month ago. Now that I looked at the others there's a couple more there I need to fix when I'm feeling bored. The Rant 7" lyrics are done too.

4/19/04 A link to the AMP interview is on that page now. My brain hurts when I think about everything else I still need to do here... And WOO HOO!!! The GIMP did a much better job of scaling the Sample This cover than my old piece of shit program did! The new one looks a little pixelated though. Dunno why yet...

4/18/04 I didn't abandon you!!! Been ripping my vinyl like crazy all week long here. I think my computer is a little mad at me for making it work so hard too. That means I'll finally get around to finishing all the solo Stubbs lyrics that I have the songs of [one of my favorite jobs]. I also got a new image program last week but all the ripping side tracked me. I know there's at least 20 more pics to put up here. And Eiri is on the Boat Tributes page now.

4/7/04 I finally put up the Sample This, Too cover that I got weeks ago. Once you see the picture you'll know why I've had about all I can take from my shitty photoshit program.

4/6/04 Well this monster is officially a year old now. Hard to believe it's been that long already.

3/22/04 After completely forgetting about it for about two weeks the last Peel Session mp3 is now up.

3/21/04 I'm finally working on the Live pics page. There's alot of shit to fix/update so hopefully it'll be done by the end of the day. I just noticed that I never but Billyboy's Bulldog pics on the new page too.

3/20/04 I reworked the Links page some. There's a bunch more band links now too.

3/16/04 I got some more pics from Napalm and a new shirt from Phill. They may be up today...

3/11/04 Two of Napalm's pics from last night Dublin gig are up now. He sent a flier too but it needs more work. My 'photoshop' did an especially shitty job of resizing those too!

3/9/04 Read my review of Will's acoustic Beanstalks ep.

3/8/04 The Dog Disco lyrics are up now. They would have been up days ago... And there's a new review on the Reviews page.

3/6/04 The link to the new Subterrania interview is on the Interviews page now.

3/4/04 I'm working on fixing all the picture page's css [which is no small task!] so I can put up some of the mountain of new pics sitting in this little box here.

3/3/04 Put Flight 13 on the links page.

3/2/04 Put Will's Eddy Bumble cover on the Tributes page.

2/29/04 I changed the nav bar with some neat new java. I normally wouldn't list such a thing but it took a really long time to do.

2/28/04 I didn't do anything on here but it was a beautiful day outside. Lots of sunshine and 60 degrees. This is probably my favorite time of the year...like springtime without the pollen.

2/25/04 There's some more info on the Dog Disco page now. And I got the rest of Rough Trade 5's info from Leo.

2/24/04 I'll be damned if I didn't keep forgetting to put up the three comp covers Leo sent me weeks and weeks ago.

2/23/04 An update to the discog and lyrics pages...since the Kill Flippers comp has two previously unreleased demos on it. Fixed the comp pages CSS. I somehow forgot to put the Sight And Sound video on the comps page too.

2/22/04 Woo Hoo!! That was the last lyrics page! That means the remainder of the freewebs junk code and censorship is finally gone too. There were several updates along the way too as you can imagine. It turns out I'll have to make a seperate style sheet for the pictures pages but fuck that shit can wait! That took me a good 12 hours if you're curious.

2/21/04 You may have already noticed the new font....if it's on your computer that is. It'll show up as your default otherwise. That means I've started the dreaded CSS update! I'm still playing with it too...

2/17/04 There's a more accurate version of the Plastic Surgery lyrics up now. I'm sure they'll change again...

2/16/04 Has it almost been a week already?? I built a whole website in two days so give me a break! Anyway there's a new Drive link on the Produced page since Billyboy moved their old site onto Threenote and updated it some......and a Discog update. Now with Dog Disco promo and cd covers.

2/10/04 I got the proper lyrics for Daylight Comes from Alex. He saved from when Frankie posted them on the forum a few years ago.

2/6/04 A long over due update to the Gigs page. I put a scroll bar on it too. And there's now lyrics for Plastic Surgery on the revamped Dog Disco page. They're about 98% accurate.

2/3/04 I almost forgot....February marks the first anniversary of when this site became more than just something in my imagination. I worked on the content for nearly two months before actual construction began!

2/1/04 I feel compelled to put For The Day's link up. There's a new mp3 up on group two too. Frankie with Dackelblut.

1/31/04 Found a Sofahead link over at Boss Tuneage. I put Billyboy's Hooten 3 Car link on the side's page too.

1/30/04 Just put up a bunch of Leatherface friendly distro links. Most are in Europe. There's an explanation of why Super Hi Five picked their cover on the Tributes page now. I found a tab for Wax Lyrical. Also put a whole bunch of new links up, most being non-english. You can use Babel Fish's translator if you feel brave! I should point out that I found Frankie's Baked Potato recipe at Caustic Truths and there's a useful tab template at Punk and Junk........and Daniel just told me Stubbs produced a Stokoe 7".

1/29/04 Bob sent me a new flyer for March 19th. You can see a bigger [more readable] version in the News section. I also moved all the live reviews to the Gigs History page. A funny Ear Candy link too.

1/28/04 I just put up an old Step Out Of Line interview that Leo sent me. Got lots more stuff to put up too...hopefully later on tonight..

1/24/04 Books and Cabbage Case from the 92 Peel Sessions are now up. Just one more mp3 [with 2 songs on it] to go for them.

1/20/04 Daniel just found a white version of the Beerpig shirt that Dickie's wearing in the Kilburn National pictures. And I put up another of the pics that Sean sent me. I thought it was the same one Frankie has up but I just noticed it's from a different angle. From outside the Bunker in Sunderland.

1/19/04 Where to start... Jim sent me a Glastonbury Festival programme from '93 and Sean sent me a package with a bunch of live pics , Shakin' Street zines, and flyers. So there's about 25 new pictures up now. I also got a '92 tour dates list from Sean.

1/18/04 Pal finally got his site up and running. Check Colony.NL in the Links' 'other stuff' section.

1/17/04 There's a Set Lists section on the Pictures now. I got a bunch of flyers, shirts, and set lists from Todd too! Smokey Joe's presskit is linked to on that page. Rob sent it to me a few weeks ago. Some of his anectodes are on the forum now too.

1/16/04 Thanks to my smart new calendar all the flyers should have the right years on them now. On to the gigs...

1/15/04 AAAHAHAHA!! The new photo page is done!! There's all kinds of new flyers and stuff there. I still have a couple more pictures for it but I'm tired and photoshop is fucking boring.

1/13/04 I've started uploading all my photo page stuff to queef.net. That means the new and improved photo page should be up by the weekend! A couple of tour corrections too. Thanks again Stijn! I started a thread on the forum for tour dates too. I may just add it to the navigation bar...

1/11/04 I made a slightly modified style sheet for the start page [that FINALLY has CSS] and the Gigs page. Also I've been building a few other sites if you're curious.

1/6/04 We finally have a new mp3 up! Message In A Bottle from Square Harlow. More soon...

1/5/04 Sean sent me some old tour dates. They should all be up momentarily. He mailed me off some old pictures and stuff too! Sean is the man... Damnit, I keep typing 03 on the dates...

1/3/04 I found yet another compilation yesterday. Looks to be the oldest one yet too. And I fixed some broken links on the Links page.

12/30/03 Forgot that I found Springtime tabs on Gristlejaw's site the other day. I got my package full of compilation goodies from Sean in the mail today too. I should have it all up by the end of the day but there's alot of typing to do...

12/28/03 I just got five more Jessie dates from some flyers Daniel sent me. That makes about eight more new flyers in the past few days too. There's no room left on the Photo Page so you'll have to wait for the new one.

12/27/03 I got another monster email from Rob. Check the album notes for Cherry Knowle and Smokey Joe for the big stuff. There's a couple more solo bands now too. That's it I think... There's lots of tid bits stuck in my head. I'm getting them down as I remember to. And I got a Snuffy release date and some of Jesse's 97 Japan tour dates from Yoichi.

12/26/03 With all my focus on tour dates lately I completely forgot that I found another comp track list online the other day. And after talking to George from Spot X Images I found a whole tour list from 2001 on Small Brown Bike's site. Oh...he told me about a bootleg too. The link is on the links page obviously.

12/25/03 A few more gigs from reviews and pics etc.

12/24/03 Found some more tour dates on the back of a shirt. They're from 1990 I think since it's a Smokey Joe shirt. I put page anchors on the Gigs page too.

12/23/03 Put a little more to the Gigs page. From the history and tour diaries. I started a thread on the Forum too. So everyone can pool their memories about tour dates.

12/22/03 Just started a Gigs History page. I've been kicking this idea around my head for 6 or 7 months but knew it would be a nightmare. Daniel gave me a shot in the arm with a copy of three tours around Germany. I'll also start a thread on the Forum about this soon. I linked to Daniel's record store too, Rex Melodica. And I heard from Rob Bewick [not Berwick]. He gave me quite a bit of info already and he told me he's sending Frankie a bunch of his pics. Watch out for that too!

12/21/03 Put a link to Six Minute Set up. They don't have an index page yet but there's a link to their images archive. There's pics of Novembers Leeds gig there. I've also been informed that Frankie produced Run's demo tape.

12/19/03 Just got some info on another Snuffy comp from Sean.

12/15/03 Has it been three days since an update?? Where did the time go.... Anyway, I just put up some more Stubbs Produced info that Ged just sent. And an ad for the new album is in the News. Oh, and Sean mailed off a bunch of info on the Compilations this weekend.

12/12/03 I just noticed that the Punk News interview's link is already broken. And I've uploaded some shirt pics to the Photo page. A few people have asked about that. Send in more if you're interested.

12/11/03 Updated some info on the Peel Sessions and the Compilations page. Big Al emailed me a new Stubbs Produced album too. And I saw something funny on google yesterday. My History page is listed seperate.

12/10/03 Woo hoo!!! I've finally finished the new discog scans! I saved at least a meg of space now too. Also let me know if you catch any pics that I missed. There's two that I don't have scans for but they have alt names on them. I just made a Compilation Needs page to try and motivate people too. You can get to it through the Wants and Compilations pages.

12/8/03 Ok all of the Solo Stubbs discog will be back up shortly. You may have noticed that ALL of the Boat Discog is still showing up too. Here's the story. I've been resizing all of the discog pics but yahoo has been a total bitch about me uploading the new pics as the same name. I deleted nearly all of them the other day but they're still showing up. I had to make a new sub-directory for them to work properly. Requiring me to change all the html for the images too. Sounds fun huh...

12/6/03 I put complete track lists for the split albums on the Compilations page. And the pics on page two and three of the discog will be down for a while. The Solo Stubbs page too.

12/5/03 The rest of my Stubbs interview is now up.

12/3/03 The final Hit The North mp3 is up. I've also started adding the track lists for the compilations. Just like the scans, I only have a handful of them. So help me out if you can.

12/2/03 The Books mp3 is up now.

11/29/03 Another track is up. It's the first electric performance of Pale Moonlight plus an interview!

11/28/03 The next Hit The North track is up.

11/27/03 I forgot that the Bulldog Bash - Pandoras Box mp3 is on the Threenote Group. It's linked on the mp3 page now. Also the first Hit The North mp3 is up and Gord let me direct link to his All I Need mp3 too.

11/26/03 I put a link to Epitonic up.

11/25/03 I made a new page for all the mp3s. Yahoo Group links and hosted mp3s are all in the same place now.

11/24/03 Put a pic of the Mackem Music comp up. I also updated the Pope lyrics including two new songs. No, Frankie isn't retarded! I just can't tell what the fuck he's saying half the time on this one. The link to Punktastic.com's Leeds review is up too.

11/23/03 I made a Shipyards history page and put up some of Billyboy's Bulldog Bash pics.

11/21/03 Two new promo photos are up. One from Mush and one from Horsebox. I keep forgetting to list new mp3s here now too. A new Harlow track went up the other day. Also there's a poll going on the B side group about Bulldog mp3s.

11/19/03 A couple more Compilation updates from Daniel. Still no Discog 2 scans...

11/14/03 I'm getting scans etc. on the Discog 2 re-release from Davey Shitwheel. They'll be up in a day or two. That means a new page for the bonus 7" too.

11/11/03 Daniel was working hard, shall we say, sending me more info on Compilations. I still need more scans.

11/6/03 Put links to all the tabs I could remember about on that page. I know there's more somewhere. There's something else I'm forgetting too...

11/4/03 The link to the new Punk News interview is on that page.

11/1/03 I finally have a tab up. From Daniel.

10/29/03 Sean sent me TONS of info for the Side's page.

10/24/03 The insert from the Litte White God test press is on that album's page now. And part of my Stubbs interview is up.

10/23/03 Sean sent me some more HDQ info for the Side's page. A couple more non-Leatherface links are up. And updated Boots, Smokey Joe, and subsequently, Beerpig pages.

10/22/03 Finally put up the Jesse lp's waxings that Daniel sent me months ago! And the Thank You's have returned, on the Contact page. All the Freewebs junk code is gone now too...you care.

10/21/03 Updated the Bootlegs page, adding two more shows and links to the online stuff I know about. Forgot to mention that I put the Mackem inside scan up the other day too. And I put the Book Again link up, check it out. Also a little more on the Solo's page.

10/20/03 I've finally put what pics I have on the Compilations page.

10/17/03 Updated the first three lyrics pages. Frankie helped me on the Robin Reliant line from Judge.

10/16/03 There is a seperate Shipyards want list page now. It was lost on the contact page.

10/14/03 I just put up an essential link, Trend Micro's online virus scanner. This is far superior to Norton! And updated the Tugboat page.

9/24/03 I've just typed up an old NME article that dfb Daniel sent me.

9/23/03 Two new mp3s, Peasant [Harlow on the 1st group] and Games [Peel Session on the 2nd group].

9/21/03 My brand new forum is up. It has a lot more toys on it. I'll update the 'read me' as I remember what needs to be said.

9/18/03 Steffen translated another German article for us, from Metal Hammer.

9/15/03 The OX-Fanzine translation is up. I even got permission! Stefan's new link is up now too.

9/14/03 The new mp3 group is available now.

9/8/03 I overhauled and updated the links page. Lots of new links now!

8/31/03 Started the compilations page. I don't know much about them, and I have very few scans.

8/30/03 I made the forum open in a new window now. The 'post' button was covered up inside my frames! Also put up a new flyer, from the 8518 site anyway. Gary also has some new scans coming, like ticket stubbs.

8/28/03 Well aside from the 9000 aesthetic changes, there's a Guest Book and Map, new links, and the Little White God test press. And there will be tabs and comps pages coming.

8/27/03 Uploaded Moon from the Square Harlow show.

8/9/03 Stein Erik was kind enough to translate a Stubbs Interview for us. And I just got scans of the Jesse/Hooten split that will be up imminently.

8/1/03 Uploaded Howay The Lads and You Are My Sunshine from the 1992 Square Harlow show.

7/31/03 I've been updating info on the lyrics page.

7/25/03 The new lyrics page is finally up! It's much much more user friendly now too!

7/11/03 Got another FYB obi from Yuko in Japan. I also put my AIM up and made a seperate news section so it doesn't get lost down here. Same for the articles.

7/8/03 I started a new yahoo group for Boat covers, the tributes

7/1/03 I completely forgot about vids on the discog! I put up the only one I know about, official anyway. Also added a bootleg track list and the Compact lyrics I forgot yesterday.

6/30/03 Big lyrical update! I finished/updated The Last and Smokey Joe, put up the Leatherface version of Teenage Warning, and did the first three Pope songs. That part was a nightmare so that's enough for now!

6/26/03 Peel Sessions! Yahoo groups can be fussy so be patient.

6/25/03 Knut translated a Leatherface article/interview from Visions for me. If your fluent in German the Visions link is, well, on the links page. Here's the translated version.

6/24/03 New MP3 from Alive In Ireland, Rant.

6/19/03 Well I'm FINALLY listed on Yahoo and Google but they put the wrong URL on BOTH! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. If you search for 'Leatherface Shipyards' I'm number one. Otherwise it's in the 40's. It's almost 4am now so....

6/17/03 I finally put up a pic of the Mackem Bastards inside. Look real close. The link is on the info page. And I put up another promo photo and press kit. Ya know where...

6/16/03 [the next day] I have a link to the Stooges cover now, and alot more Stubbs produced stuff. I usually don't list these little updates, but Daniel's been working hard finding me links and info! And the Teenage Warning lyrics are up now.

6/16/03 Put up links to most of the cover songs' lyrics. I couldn't find words to the Upstarts or Stooges songs. I have the Wat Tyler lyrics, but more on that later.

6/14/03 I noticed earlier that R.I.T.H. is down, yet again! So here's the interview that was on there.

6/12/03 I went through all 20 Leatherface pages on Google today. I saved all the links except for the Japanese sites, that I can't translate. I have about half up already but I'm tired now!

6/10/03 I put what little I know about Leatherface covers and solo projects on the links page. If you know something I don't.... And I've finished the HTML from the other day. It's not one long paragraph any more.

6/9/03 The new MP3 is up. Here's Teenage Warning.

6/7/03 I uploaded an Interview and Punk Rock Diaries from the old site. If you're very lucky you won't see them til I add the appropriate HTML. The page is nothing special.

6/2/03 I figure it's time to give dates on my updates. I updated the bootleg list, put up the raw lyrics for the Jesse lp, and put up some links to Last stuff.

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