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Wales Alldayer

  So here's the story... On Friday, August 12th Monk Dave invited me to his and Jo's Newest Industry all-dayer (again). He said that I could get a plane ticked for around $500 when they usually cost three or four times that much. I'm poor as shit! But I've been wanting to go to the UK really bad lately and there's going to be so many great bands playing this thing. I'll probably never get to see people like Four Letter Word and Frankie Stubbs here in the States let alone anywhere near the hick town I'm from. I've hardly even been 100 miles away from this place. Yet this got me to thinking... If I put up a Paypal Donation button and about 100 people donate $10 or £5 I just might be able to make enough money in the next month to make it to this thing! There was some positive response when I posted this question on my forum so I figured there's nothing to lose by trying. The worst that can happen is a crushing disappointment...haha! And that's what happened! Since 9/11 the requirements for getting a passport in the States have increased dramatically. Not only do I need to have a valid ID for over 6 months prior (something I don't have as of this date), but I need to have a certified birth certificate as well! You guessed it...I don't have that either! But I'm still determined to make it over to the UK and visit my friends and see some great bands I would never have a chance of seeing otherwise. My plans have just been set back by 6 months or so. If you still feel like making a donanion, every little bit will help. If your friends are familiar with me too, spread the word. Just don't go on an internet spamming spree for me. Seriously. This is by no means a life or death type thing. Just about making the dreams of this ageing punk rock kid come true! I will keep you informed of any developments on the above linked thread on my forum. Hope to see you all soon!
thanks for reading this,
John Shipyards
Aug 15 2005