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I Excuse interview
August 8th 2004
posted September 4th 2005

This is the I Excuse interview that was talked about ages and ages ago. Those of you from the old forum will remember. I sent in my first set of questions around June 2004 but it was about a month before I got an answer. When Tomo finally got back to me he said "sorry for my fuckin slow reply". Yet it only took me a year to get this posted! Hahaha!! I switched mailboxes several times and this got lost in the shuffle. When I rediscovered this interview about six months ago I sent in some more questions but never got a reply. The old questions were pretty dated by then anyway. I Excuse had just lost bassist Champ! Still don't know why he quit the band really. I think they lost second guitarist Masa too. News from Japan has been next to non-existant lately! But anyway...back to my story. I was clearing out my old geocities webspace just now when I saw a file named "ie.htm". And what do you know? It's my old I Excuse interview from a year ago! So it's way past time for me to post this, right! I guess I should fill in all the recent news I know about before you read on. For those who don't know I Excuse was on the recent Snuffy Smile tribute to Leatherface. They covered Pale Moonlight. I have yet to hear it! And they have a split 7" with California's Whiskey Sunday coming out soon.... And you'll notice that my interviewing skills have improved greatly over the past year. Hah!

John: How do you fit into the music scene in Japan? From what I understand your style is uncommon there. What bands have you played with? Japanese especially...

Tomo: I don't know if we fit into the Japanese music scene though, about bands in Japan, we play with MINORITY BLUES BAND all the time. And most bands that have something to do with SNUFFY SMILE, especially LONG BALL TO NO-ONE, NAVEL, THREE MINUTE MOVIE, THE URCHIN, and also HUSH PUPPY, 1000TRAVELS OF JAWAHARLAL and more. I don't think I can name all the bands. It must be too long. We used to play a lot with EVOMOM too, sadly they broke up recently. In Kyoto, we have played with some hardcore bands from around Kyoto, like CONSTRICTED, ONE RIVER, OUTNAUTS and more. Of other bands, all the bands that came to Japan organized by SNUFFY SMILE since 2000. The last one we played with was J CHURCH, and before that, THE TIM VERSION, SUPER CHINCHILLA RESCUE MISSION, and so on. We had a European tour in last summer, so also the bands toured with such as MANIFESTO JUKEBOX and WASTED, and all the other bands we played with on the tour.

John: What other bands have the members been in?

Tomo: We have played in some other bands that nobody knows. These bands never released any records. If you still want to know more about them, well, how does Champ's metallic edge guitar or my shitty drumming sound?

John: How big of an influence was Husker Du for you?

Tomo: I like Husker Du too, but I think the songwriter, Gon is the one who's more influenced by it. I think his favorite album is LAND SPEED RECORD.

John: When did you first hear Leatherface?

Tomo: It was around the time I was seventeen or something. So about 9 or 10 years ago. I was living a country side, so I didn't know they played in Japan. I think in my town there were only two people besides me who knew them. My school was in the center of fuckin' huge rice fields..

John: What are some of your favorite albums?

Tomo: It's always one of the toughest question. I mention my latest favorite one, the new album of ARGIES 'Fake Reaction'. Now I got an answer from Masa, and it was that ''all album of WEAKERTHANS''.

John: Who writes the songs in I Excuse?

Tomo: Gon has written all the songs and probabry always will. He also writes most of the lyrics, but the other guys have also wrote lyrics of some songs.