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v/a The Bastards Can't Dance: A Tribute To Leatherface
Snuffy Smile (2005)
posted April 3rd 2006

I know what you're thinking already: "Tribute albums SUCK!" So I have to say this right up front... The production on this cd is complete SHIT! There's only a couple of songs where the mix isn't ear-bleedingly bad! Reason being this was put together in all of a few months. You really have to take the time to do it right for a tribute. Especially for a band as prolific as Leatherface! Now let's get to the good parts... Most of the songs here are pretty solid. Though more of an interpretaion with the Japanese language gap but that can have it's charms. It's no surprise my favorite songs on here are by my favorite j-punk bands. This cd is worth it just for Longball To No-One, The Urchin, and I Excuse. Bun and company tear up Razor Blades and even break into the instrumental song Leatherface at the end. The Urchin's Colorado Joe is the most true to form track on here... With a You Are My Sunshine outro. That's freaking awesome! And Gon sounds like his vocal chords are about to burst right out his throat even more than usual on Pale Moonlight. As for the rest... Spraypaint's opener of I Want The Moon is rocked out. Zero Fast did a pretty good job on Evo Pop too. But it so strange hearing Leatherface with smoothe female vocals on Pear Of The West's song. And 1000Travels Of Jawaharlal's version of Shipyards is flat out funny! This tribute is interesting at least from a cultural standpoint. It might introduce a few new people to the magical world of j-punk too!